Freediving Master course – 3/5 weeks – 25000thb (appx 700USD)

LOGO3-Final_119am-11am – Pool Disciplines / Fitness / Stretching
1pm-4pm – Depth disciplines and Fun dives
Appx 6 min STA, 100DYN, 50m CWT/FIM
Includes: Pictures, Equipment, Coaching
Extra 1000thb Specials:O2 STA,No-Limit,Monofin,Wreck

Blue Immersion is the most successful SSI Freediving Center worldwide since 2012. With over 1000 students per year, our Master Freediving course is renowned for its outstanding quality in education and training. Becoming a good Freediver has nothing to do with genetic make-up and is instead the result of experience from consistent practice and approved training methodologies. This program start with a evaluation day where your future instructor will check all your freediving skills. You will then follow a diving, fitness, diet and stretching program specifically designed for your needs and goals. This course can include so special work shop such as Pure O2 STA Apnea, sled freediving No-limit, monofin swimming, and Freediving Koh Tao’s wreck. This is by far the best course Blue Immersion has to offer ! 12650531_10208487473568822_1098932719_n


During the one month course you will train with professional instructors who will help you build your technique, confidence, knowledge and freediving performances in all disciplines. Our freediving master course is only taught by highly experienced instructors. Florian have a static apnea over 8 minutes and can reach over 80meters in CWT and FIM, Jin is a former Korean champion with over 70meters, Pavel help his breath for almost 7minutes and freedive to 55meters. From their own personal experiences the instructors will share and provide you with vital information to help you on your way to a professional level. The morning session is composed with STA, DYN, swimming, stretching, fitness and specific theory classes. In the afternoon session your instructor will coach you to reach the depth desired. Do you want to go deeper, a better static or are you preparing for the instructor course? Whatever your goal is, we can help you reach it.12647829_10208487473608823_1323104012_n


Static Apnea (+Special Pure O2)
Freediving is just as much a sport as it is recreation and having a wonderful experience. As in all sports, you have to train to get better. The better trained you are the more you will enjoy freediving. Holding your breath static, which mean in the water and without moving is the Basic Freediving discipline to master first. If you can’t hold your breath without moving you won’t dive very far for very long. During your Freediving master course we will practice STA multiple times per week in various different ways. In average our master student reach a 5 to 6minutes static breath hold, very helpful to feel confortable during deep dives and fantastic skill for spearfishing. There is a variation of the static apnea discipline where its possible to pre-breathe 100% oxygen prior to the breath hold. Pure O2 STA can be organised during your freediving master course, it’s a very good training to get use to diaphragme contractions. The master course will end with our 10minutes STA challenge !


Dynamics Apnea with and without fins (DYN/DNF):
Dynamic training is safe, controlled, warm and familiar. Dynamics is a discipline in which we hold our breath and try to cover as much distance in the water as we can. It is perfect to prepare us for constant weight diving. It teaches us how to handle the urge to breathe while we are moving in the water. Streamline form is a swimming technique that is used underwater in every stroke. At the start of a race or on a turn, streamline form is used, usually along with a dolphin kick or flutter kick, to create the least amount of resistance to help the swimmer propel as far as they can. Many factors contribute to the perfect streamline form and mastering this method increases a swimmer’s speed. Your instructor will focus on improving streamlining, techniques, stokes, kicks wich is paramount in Freediving. In average our master student reach a 100meters dynamic with fins and 50m without fins. The fatest way to progress and reach deeper depth in Freediving is to practice all movements in shallow water before trying in deep water.DYN BANNER 2
Fitness for freediving: hiking,swimming,apnea walking
When our goal is to dive deep, we need leg strength. The deeper we go the harder it is to kick back to the surface. Strong legs will definitely help us. Hiking in Koh Tao is the perfect exercise to strengthen our legs, and it not as boring as doing leg curls on a machine in the gym. There are different hills in Koh Tao we use for training. Whatever your fitness, there will be a hill that suits you. The best thing is when you reach the top you will be rewarded with an amazing view over Koh Tao. In order to bring the body to maximum efficiency, our master freediver exercice on daily basis during a period of 30 days, in which we gradually increase the duration of the work out from 15 to 30 minutes. Stretching, hiking, swimming,apnea walking has a vital role in preparing the body for freediving. At the end of the 3-5 weeks training your body will be strong against hypoxia, flexible to handle pressure at depth and tolerant to acid lactic which will help you to go deeper and stay longer.

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GYM training for freediving
Diving, no matter if it is freediving, really demands an all body workout approach to exercising. Modest amounts of weight training, specifically anaerobic weight training, allows you to improve muscle performances, adapt specific muscle groups for freediving and to provide an overall feeling of well being. It’s simple really, the stronger you become the faster you will freedive down/up with minimum effort. Our Master Training program include unlimited access to the Gym.
Freediving Stretching: body, full lung, empty lung, diaphragme 
Stretching is very important in Freediving. While stretching relaxes the nervous system and lowers the heart rate it has some other very important benefits. Thoracic cage flexibility is in a lot of Freedivers a limiting factor. When the thoracic cage is not flexible, we experience more pressure at depth and the risk for lung squeeze higher. We use body stretching and full lung stretching to increase the flexibility of the thoracic cage. Empty lung stretching is the most famous stretch in Freediving. The purpose is to increase the flexibility of the diaphragm. This will prepare for deep diving and will soften the contractions experienced during high levels of CO2. The diaphragm and longitudinal muscles of the stomach play an important role in everyday functions. The diaphragm is responsible for supplying the force behind every breath you take; your longitudinal muscles help stabilize your body when you are moving around. By stretching out these two sets of muscles regularly, you help your body avoid injury and keep yourself feeling healthier. If you want to push your flexibility and relaxation to the max, Blue Immersion has Yoga classes every day at 6pm.


Free Immersion and Constant Weight ( Fin / Nofin / Monofin )
Widely regarded as the most prestigious of the freediving disciplines, Constant Weight Apnea requires the freediver to ascend and descend along the dive-line without touching it and without altering their weight during the dive. When using a monofin, the diver usually puts one or both arms over the head and employs a ‘dolphin kick’ to propel themselves through the water. Bifins are generally less efficient than a monofin used with good technique but dives of more than 100m have still been made with them successfully. The usual technique for bifins is with long straight legs, relaxed ankles and arms held by the sides.With both techniques, the diver will usually swim down to about 20 or 25m before entering a freefall which is made possible by the effect of the water pressure on the air in the lungs. This negative buoyancy has to be overcome on the way up. Our master freediver can freedive comfortably to appx 45meters after only 3-5 weeks of intense training. Often described as the purest form of Freediving, constant weight no fins requires the freediver to descend and ascend along the dive-line without using fins, without changing their weighting, without using the rope. It’s the most physically and technically demanding of the depth disciplines because it requires a high rate of work and a long dive-time. For many of our Freedive master however, it’s also the most fun because it allows for complete freedom in the water !


Sled Freediving, VWT or No-Limit:
Variable weight is one of two (NLT) non-competition disciplines for which world records can be set. As the name suggests, the Variable Weight freediver is allowed to change their weight during the dive. No limit is the second non-competition discipline for which world records can be set. As the name suggests, the No-Limits freediver can use any means they like to descend as deep as possible using a weighted seld to go down and a balloon full of air to come back up. Both of those disciplines can be trained at Blue Immersion, we use the sled diving for fun and for equalization exercices. Using the sled on the way down will free you from swimming techniques, streamlining and freefall difficulties, giving you more time to focus on your mouthfill equalization. Freediving is where meditation meets endurance. You must quiet the mind before entering a world that asks you not to breathe. But if you can clear that hurdle, then prepare to be amazed.
Fun dives and Freediving trips:
Our Freediving Masters don’t train only on the line. During your training we will take you fun diving all around the island and learn proper safety procedures. The buddy system is a set of safety procedures that improve freediver’s chances of avoiding and surviving accidents in or underwater by diving in a group of two or three. This article will examine the different procedures used in buddy diving and their purpose.With buddy freediving, each of the freedivers is presumed to have responsibility to the other. The ‘buddies’ are expected to monitor each other, be close enough together during the end of each freedive to be able to help in an emergency, to behave safely and to follow the plan agreed by the group before the freedive. When diving with a buddy both buddies must be aware of each others capabilities and limitations in water. During your Freediving masters course in Thailand you will freedive reefs, caves, explore koh tao’s underwater museum and more …
If you stay over 15 days we recommend you to choose a apartment monthly rentable. Your accommodation will be organise during your online booking. Monthly rent in Koh Tao start around 7000thb/month up to 15000thb.month depending on room size, location, and resort facilities. 12665813_10208467362586060_799460027_n

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