SSI Freediving Instructor Training Course (FITC)


ssilogofreedivingrgbwhite42800thb (appx 1200USD)

Duration: 15days
Certification: SSI Level 1,2 Freediving Instructor
All included (Kit, Certication Fee, 1st Annual fee)

Are you an avid freediver, you likely spend a lot of time thinking about freediving, talking about freediving and sharing the details of your latest freediving adventures ? You should consider making a Freediving career ! Blue Immersion is the 1st SSI Freediving Center in Thailand which offer SSI Internationally recognised courses from Beginner to Instructor Level. Our trainers are known as some of the most experienced freediving professionals in the world with over 300 new freediving instructors in the last 15 years! The SSI freediving program has quickly become the largest freedive training system in the world with over 2400 centers. As freediving continues to grow there will be more and more demand for freediving instructors with professional and officially recognised qualifications. With years of experience as instructors, athletes and freediving school owners we understand your needs and desires in becoming a freediving professional. We are here to help you achieve your goals !



Part 1 -Teaching the Academics – Study sessions will increase your knowledge and presentation skills whilst in-water sessions will show you the techniques needed to deliver professional freediving courses. Supported by the SSI teaching system, manuals and instructor kit you will work through each aspect of the instructor course. Participating in seminars and workshops builds confidence as a teacher and you will learn all aspects of freediving from technical skills, legal aspects , business , education and travel. 

Part 2 -Practical Training Pool teaching – you will develop and master your instructional skills to deliver a successful program to student freedivers and to control groups safely in confined-water situations, give proper direction to achieve objectives, deliver briefings and de-briefings. The skills you develop here are paramount to delivering professional level teaching with confidence, fun, safety and success.

Part 3 -Practical Training Open Water teaching – Your SSI Freediving Instructor Trainer (IT) and you will master your skills to deliver a successful freediving training to students and you will learn to manage groups in open-water for depth training, give proper direction to achieve objectives, deliver briefings and de-briefings. The skills you develop here will be used to deliver professional teaching of the SSI Level 1,2 freediving course

Part 4 – Freediving skills – With your SSI Instructor Trainer you will have to perform all Freediving Skills at an Instructor quality. To enroll in a SSI Freediver Instructor Training Course, you must be at least 18 years old, have a SSI Level 3 Freediver certification or have a equivalent qualifying certification, be a current SSI react right or qualified CPR/first aid instructor, and present a medical statement signed by a physician within 12 months.



Blue Immersion run SSI Freediving Instructor course appx every 3 months. Your chance to become a SSI Level 1,2 Freediving instructor is only few weeks away !

12767279_10208650420562395_2014124708_nApril 1st-15th 2016
June 1st-15th 2016
September 1st-15th 2016
December 1st-15th 2016
January 1st-15th 2017
March 1st-15th 2017
June 1st-15th 2017

All ITC performance requirements to have been achieved BEFORE the start of the ITC. All these skills have to be performed with INSTRUCTOR QUALITY TECHNIQUE.

12784656_10208650420482393_1941186745_n800m & 400m timed swim
100m DYN & 50m DNF
4 minute static apnea
40m CWT
20m hang (1 min or more) + rescue
20m rescue + 50m surface tow
5 x 20m with a 1min break.


Our Trainer will not be covering theory knowledge, so it is critical that before starting the ITC you should know and be able to explain the following theory:

12767748_10208650420042382_492800046_nBoyles & Dalton Law, Archimedes
Diffusion & Cardiovascular System
Ear anatomy and equalization
Breathing up, recovery breathing
Hyperventilation & MDR
Lung Measurements & Barotrauma


We hire SSI Freediving instructors ! Part time / Full time jobs are available in our Freedive International Schools and other SSI centers around the world.

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Blue Immersion, Koh Tao Thailand
Maya Freediving, Koh Phi Phi Thailand
Freedive Dahab, Egypt
Extreme Blue Water, Zanzibar
Atlantis Freediving, Spain
Freedive Lemos, Grece


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