SSI Freediving Instructor Level 3 Upgrade.

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Duration: 2-4days
Certification: SSI Level 3 Master Freediving Instructor
Includes: Certification, Pictures
Requirements: SSI Level 2 Freediving Instructors + 50 Student Certification (SSI l1+ SSI l2)

This is a 2-4 days update during which the candidate will have to demonstrate that he is able to perform and teach advanced freediving techniques, such as mouthfill and exhale diving, both in the classroom and in the open water. The candidate must also show extensive knowledge of all freediving related topics, like freediving physiology and psychology, which are both part of the Level 3 course.

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Attend all FITC Academic Instructor presentation sessions.
Written Exams:
SSI Level 3 Freediver instructor applicants must achieve a 90% pass rate in all of the Freediver final exams
SSI FREEDIVING Level 3 Instructor Final Exam:
The applicants must achieve a 90% pass rate in the Level 3 INSTRUCTOR Final Exams
Performance Requirements:
All the In Water Performance Requirements where the Instructor applicant has to use fins must
be performed with Stereo fins (Bi-Fins) e.g. no mono fins.

• Perform a swim of 800m using mask, snorkel and fins within 15min
• Perform a swim of 400m (No Fins – buoyancy device or snorkel) within 10 min (any stroke)
• Freedive to minimum 50m depth using mouth-fill ( bi-fins or monofin )
• 2 Ascend from 20m using arms only then mask off
• Exhale dive to 25m using mouth-fill
• Freedive to 20m and hang for an unknown time (30sec-1 min, which is determined by the
FIT) then rescue another Freediver from simulated blackout (BO) from that depth.
• Endurance examination – max 1min preparation, 5 dives to 20m with 1min surface interval
between Freedives .
• Shallow Water Blackout (SWB) rescue from 25m and demonstrate a 50m tow.
• Perform pool disciplines Dynamic (DYN) – minimum 100m.
• Perform pool disciplines DYN w/no fins – minimum 50m.
• Perform a Static breath-hold minimum of 4:00 mins.
• Demonstrate Blackout (BO)/Loss of Motor Control (LMC) rescue skills during pool sessions.



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