Florian was a successful Optometrist working in France and Australia. In 2010 he decided to quite everything to explore the seas which have always been mysterious and fascinating for him. He quickly became a Scuba diving, Technical diving and Freediving Instructor. In 2013 he became one of Lotta and Linda’s best student and started to show interest in Freediving competitions where he is known as the up and coming star. Florian can now hold his breath for 8:30 minutes and freedive over 80 meters in the Free Immersion and Constant weight Freediving disciplines. He spends most of his time training and teaching advanced levels of Freediving in Thailand. Florian’s coaching skills are highly spoken off by his Freediving students.


Jin Hyun started Freediving in dahab with Freedive International. He started with our Zero to Hero training program and worked really hard for the last 4 years. In April 2013 he got his first National record in Constant weight ( bi fins ) with 61m, then a year later the Korean National record with 71m. Jin has been teaching level 3 and masters in Freedive Dahab and Blue Immersion for the last 2 years. Hard worker,Jin hasn’t finish to surprise us!
강진현 강사는 다합에 있는 프리다이빙 인터네셔널에서 다이빙을 시작하였고, Zero to Hero 프로그램을 수료한 후 지난 4년 간 열심히 일했습니다.
2013년 4월 그는 바이핀으로 CWT(콘스탄트 웨이트) 부분 한국 신기록인 61m를 기록하였고, 1년 후 71m의 기록을 갱신하였습니다.



Pavel grew up in Czech Republic, central Europe. A few years ago he decided to change his life. He first came to Koh Tao in 2012 and started training with Blue immersion in Koh Tao. He became a SSI Freediving instructor at the beginning of the year 2014 and has been teaching since then. His Freediving passion has no limit, he loves the water, the freedom of movements and the silence down under. Pavel is currently running full time Freediving courses in Thailand Koh Tao. Pavel is currently diving to 55m in bin fins constant weight, 70m in variable weight and has a STA of 6.30 minutes. Pavel have taught over 150 courses and he became a Platinum Pro Freediving Instructor which is the SSI highest level in teaching experience. Pavel’s teaching and coaching reputation start following him everywhere


Jana is Pavel’s wife and same as him grew up in Cyech Republic. In 2012 they came to Koh Tao. Pavel start train with us immediatelly and share his knowledge and skills with her. She falling in love with freediving and next year she finished all 3 SSI levels with 40m+ dive with ease. Despite the long-lasting health problems with her sinuses, she never gave up and now she is back in the water and her specialty and passion is underwater photo/video. She loves the nature and physical activites. Running, hiking, fitness and other motions are her addictions.



Kyra grew up on the coast of Western Australia with a pool in her backyard and parents that would take her up and down the coast for camping trips, swimming after her Dad from the moment she could walk. She has always had that connection with nature and water. As an adult spending spare time as close to the ocean she can, whether thats freediving off her boat, surfing on top (well trying) and volunteering on a whale research boat. Obsessed with the natural world and relation between the mind and body, 2015 she decided to be able to share her passion and knowledge for this sport and became a free dive instructor with former record holder Jin Hyun, here on Koh Tao, becoming a level 2 instructor.



Linda is Italian and started freediving in late 2002, but only started competing in 2005. During her first competition she broke 3 Italian depth records. She kept breaking her own records until 2012, when she set her last 3 italian records in Free Immersion (70m), Constant Weight(82m) and Variable Weight (100m). She became Aida instructor trainer in 2006 and SSI instructor trainer in 2010. She is also a high level judge for freediving competitions and have judged 3 world championships and a few world record attempts. She spends some time of the year in Thailand to teach new instructors.


Lotta left Sweden and moved to Dahab in late 2003 where she started Freedive Dahab. She broke the Static World Record in 2004 and she also held most of the Swedish Records for a long time. When she felt accomplished as a freediver and athlete, she started dedicating her experience toward teaching. She became first AIDA then SSI instructor trainer and since then she spent most of her time twaching new instructors. In 2015 she became SSI new Training Director and now she mainly travel the world to form instructor trainers. She is often in Koh Tao to run Instructor Courses and Trainer Seminars.


Chris was born in South Africa, but grew up near Toronto, Canada. While spending a few years teaching Scuba diving, mainly in the Caribbean he started freediving for fun, often going out in the early morning before his scuba classes began. He quickly realized that the peace and tranquility that can be experienced while diving without a tank was much more enjoyable, and at the same time a new challenge. He came to Koh Tao in 2015 and completed the Zero to Hero program at Blue Immersion. He has been teaching Level 1 & 2 courses since March 2016. His favourite part of teaching is seeing the students progressing and becoming more calm and confident freedivers.


Jianpei Niu Jianpei(AKA Tony,DaNiu)grow up in China, he hasnt seen blue ocean before he was 20, but fall in love with it straight away when Hhe was working in Sanya,a coast city in China.started with snorkeling and diving down and he was obsessed with the beatiful, gravityless envrioment underwater and the freedom he has when swimming around like a fish.He come to Blue Immersion in 2016 for Level 1 course and went back to China, and afterwards he realized he love the sport and want to share the joy to other, so he went back and completed the Zero to Hero program. Now he is teaching and having fun in the ocean at Blue Immersion.

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