Blue Immersion is well-known around the world as “the place to start Freediving”. Our popularity come from our high quality courses from beginner to instructor at very affordable prices. Over 1000 students trust us every year for their Freediving training. The school is run by Florian Dagoury-Houas, a French athlete who can dive down to 90 meters and hold his breath for over 10 minutes! The Freediving courses take place in the best Thailand freediving facility: beautiful sea view classrooms, swimming pool, private gym, freediving boat, beach terrace and social area for students. The teaching ratio is 3 students for 1 instructor. We a large choice of freediving specialties such as monofin, static apnea, no fins, equalization, sled diving and static apnea. Along with various fun dives included in every couse: wreck freediving, underwater statues and freediving in caves or reefs. Many Freediving World Champions have visited Blue Immersion: Alexey Molchanov, Guillaume Nery, Branko Petrovic, Natalia Zharkova, Dean Chaouche…We love teaching Freediving and spending time with our students so we also organise social such as diners, hikes and games. Our friendly school is located in Koh Tao, a small island worldly famous for his beauty and giant amount of diverse activities. In Koh Tao you will find scuba diving, wake boarding, fishing trips, fitness gym, thai boxing, mini golf, paddle board, hiking, yoga, kit surfing, climbing and more restaurants than you can count. The West coast will fit travellers who wants to try new sports, food, beach activities and enjoy the nightlife. The East coast will fit the lovers of nature, beautiful beaches, and serenity. Koh Tao simply has it all.