We are one of the most successful Freediving school in the world with a thousand students per year. Blue Immersion is well known as “the place to start Freediving” for it’s high quality and low prices. Our diving courses are conducted in a very relaxed manner inside our beautiful sea view classrooms and in small groups only. We freedive koh tao Thailand with a catamaran specifically designed and built for Freediving. Blue Immersion also run breathing classes every day at 6pm and many freedive specialty such as monofin training, static apnea, no fins, equalization and sled diving. Our apnea courses start from SSI Basic to SSI Freediving Instructor trainer. Freediving up and down a line every day can be boring, this is why we also organize freediving trips and fun dives to coral reefs, wreck, underwater statues, caves and more. We run several events and packages such as Apnea Combo week and Mini Freediving Competitions. Our most popular packages are the Zero to Hero and Freedive Master course. Since 2010 we have certified over three hundreds SSI freediving instructors and 800+ masters. Blue Immersion is run by Florian a current elite in deep diving and static breath hold, Linda a current Italian champion, Lotta a former world champion, and Jin a former Korean Champion. You are in very good hands.


Koh Tao is a small island, which covers an area of only 21 km² however you will be amazed by the giant amount of activities provided. The West coast will fit travellers who wants to try new sports, food, beach activities during the daytime and enjoy the nightlife. The East coast will fit the lovers of nature, beautiful beaches, and serenity. Koh Tao simply have it all. Koh Tao, translating as Turtle Island was named because the waters were once brimming with sea turtles. Koh Tao Thailand is known for its incredible amount of snorkelling, scuba diving and freediving dive sites due to its beautiful colourful coral reefs. Whale sharks and various other marine life are often met by divers. Koh Tao also has a rich jungle in the centre surrounded by remarkably quiet, palm tree laced beaches. With other various sport and underwater activities, flawless beaches, a vast amount of bars and restaurants to choose from, you will not know where to start first…


Blue Immersion is located on the beach. We run apnea / freediving courses in our sea view classrooms. Our stretching and relaxation training is done on our terrace facing the ocean. Our boat can reach freediving dive sites in 15 minutes and bring back students straight to the beach without transfer to a smaller boat. All depth training last 1.5 to 2hours plus 30 to 45minutes fun dives to freedive reefs, caves, underwater statues and more. We organise accommodation (dormitory, rooms, apartments, houses) and food (Thai, sandwiches, salads, vegetarian and vegan available). The freediving equipment is included in all our training and you can buy your own Freediving gear in our shop.


BASIC ROOM: with shared bathroom. Located 500m from our freediving center. Only 300thb/night.

BUNGALOW: with small balcony near the beach and a swimming pool for extra Freediving training or simply relaxing. Located 500m from our freediving center. 600thb/night.

MAISONNETTE: near the beach. Air conditioning, hot shower, wifi, balcony. 500m from Blue Immersion. From 1000thb to 1800thb/night depending on room size and location.

APARTMENT: Air conditions, big double bed or two single bed, wifi, free daily cleaning, cable TV, balcony. 15min walk from Blue Immersion. 1200thb/night or 9000-12000thb/month.

HOUSE: Air conditions, 1-3 bedrooms, 1-2 bathrooms, WIFI, 15min walk from Blue Immersion. Available only for monthly rent – from 12000thb to 18000thb/month depending on location and house size.

Our staff will help you to find the best option according to your budget over email.