Blue Immersion was founded by the French-Tunisian Freediver Akim Adhari. Limited in budget, he started teaching all courses by himself, doing some marketing early morning before diving and late evening after training. At first, the courses were run in a scuba diving school called Good Time Adventure. In 2011, Akim invested in a small facility right on the beach that use to be a Thai massage. Blue Immersion was the first school to offer the Freediving Zero to Hero program. A intense training of 3 months to become a professional Freediver. This program is now well known worldwide. In 2012, Florian Dagoury became the new owner and manager. Before moving to Asia, Flo worked in Melbourne as an optometrist but was disappointed with society and dreamed of a better life. He moved to Asia and became a scuba diving instructor and a Tec diver. Then fell in love with Freediving shortly after trying. Florian can now hold his breath for over 10 minutes and Freedive to 90 meters. He is currently the most experienced Freediver and instructor in Thailand. Blue Immersion facilities have become a lot bigger over the years and many events takes place here every year. Few Freediving chamions have visited Blue Immersion over the years: Guillume Nery, Branko Petrovic, Natalia Zharkova, Dean Chaouche, Alexey Molchanov… Blue Immersion is known as the most successful freediving school in Thailand with over 1000 new students each year. We are now located on Sairee beach and our facility include swimming pool, beach terrace, private gym, large classrooms, a boat specially built for freediving and social area with funny board games for students. Every week we organise a special event for our freedivers: apnea charades, fun dives, diners, hikes, yoga, games… We are now teaching Molchanov and SSI Freediving courses. When you make a reservation, you will start your study immedialetly on your smart phone. Preparing your ears for equalisation and reading the theory in advance will allow your instructor to have more time for your in water training. This is one of the reason why our freediving students have great results. The more home study you do, the easier is your training. The smart phone app include your freediving manuals, certifications, a tool to search your next freediving school, group chats to meet other freedivers around world and much more… This is the beautiful story of how Blue Immersion became one of the popular Freediving center in the world.


Blue Immersion is located on Sairee beach, the most popular area in Koh Tao. Our Freediving students start their training in a beautiful sea view diving center. Over the years, we built a real Freediving paradise: swimming pool, private gym, boat specially designed for Freediving, sea view terrace, large classrooms and social area for students. The pool is located a 100m from the diving center, we use it to work on swimming techniques. The gym is at the diving center and include: TRX, two bicycles for apnea cycling, a bench press and squat rack. The boat can take 20 students from dive site to shore without transfer. It is equipped with 2 arms and 6 freediving buoys. The terrace is right over the beach, we teach some theory or simply relax on it. To reach good performances you will need a center with a community of many freedivers and good facilities where you enjoy spending time. This is why we put few tables, cushions, books and board games at the school. Our freedivers like to stay in,study, socialise and talk about their latest performances. Blue Immersion is open from 8am to 8pm every day, all year long. If you don’t have a reservation, our booking office start at 12pm to 8pm. We start most of our courses with a hour of physiology theory in the classrooms or on the sea view terrace. The more you understand the science behind your Freediving techniques, the more confident you will feel during your dives. The morning training continue in the swimming pool or the shallow water at front of the school. Freedivers always try new skills in the pool before going in the deep ocean. It allows us to feel safe, repeats many dives without getting tired and improve our swimming techniques. We call the pool “the simulator”. For exemple, if you can swim 30 meters underwater in a pool, you can potentially freedive 15 meters down and back up. The course continue after the lunch break with the first deep training. Food is included for all beginners. During the deep training you will first learn to Freedive swimming up and down a line. Then we will take you to a shallower dive site to fun dive. Your instructor will take pictures of your training and send it few days after the course. Check out more about the center: ”All you can eat Freediving”


Here you can get to know the team of Instructors currently teaching at Blue Immersion. All of them are trained by Florian and have physical & academic training update every month to stay tuned with the newest knowledge and techniques. They are very patient with students, organised with teaching schedule, knowledgeable with the Freediving science, strong underwater and know how to make your courses fun! All courses are in English, theory manuals are available in 30 different languages. If you wish to take your training in your own language, make your reservation at least two weeks in advance please.

Florian Dagoury-Houas, the Instructor Trainer:

Speciality: Static Apnea with 10.32 minutes breath hold

Depth: 90m Constant weight, 90m Free immersion, 200m Dynamic apnea

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Blue Immersion teach freediving with SSI for all Professional courses & Molchanovs for all student courses. The two best education system in our opinion, this is why: When you make an online reservation at Blue Immersion, we will have access to the theory via our smart phone app.  Studying your freediving theory and some equalisation exercises in advance will allow your instructor to focus more on the practical parts and make you the best Freediver you can be. The smart phone app has feeds to interact with other Freedivers, videos, photos and you can research Freediving schools around the world to know where to go next. Florian Dagoury-Houas: “Over the years I came across a lot of different freediving education and the best freediving students usually come from SSI Freediving and Molchanov Freediving. SSI has over 2,500 diving schools around the world so it’s very easy to find your next Freediving school and continue training. Their Freediving manuals are available in 30 different languages. Molchanov education is made by Natalia and Alexey Molchanov. The two world best Freediver in history. They created the best student manuals with the most accurate and safest techniques. My favorite part of this education system is the Online Base training that is include with every course. It’s a program that students get online after their course to keep training”.

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