Blue Immersion was found in 2010 by a French-Tunisian Freediver named Akim Adhari. Limited in budget, he started teaching all courses by himself, doing some marketing early morning before diving and late evening after training. End of 2012 Flo became the new owner and manager of Blue Immersion. He is a scuba diving, tec diver and freediving Instructor. Florian can now hold his breath for 9 minutes and freedive to 85 meters. End of 2013 Blue Immersion welcomed two new owners, Lotta Ericson and Linda Paganelli. Lotta is a former static apnea World Champion. She surpassed all her competitor with a 7min+ breath hold. She also competed in depth disciplines and dynamic apnea reaching 71 meters and 167meters. Linda is a former Italian champion, she passed the 80 meters mark in constant weight, and setting 3 new national records in Variable Weight with 100m, Constant Weight with 82m and Free Immersion with 70m. In 2014 Jin became the fourth owner of Blue Immersion. He started Freediving with Blue Immersion years ago with our Zero to Hero training program. He got his first National record in Constant weight using bi fins with 61m. A year later another Korean National record with 71m this time using a monofin. Our dive center quickly became well known as one of the most successful Freediving School in the world with 1000 students every year.


Blue Immersion is located on Sairee beach, most popular area in Koh Tao. Our students start their freediving training in our relax classrooms with a beautiful sea view. Relaxation is a big part of the sport, feeling well with the surroundings will help you reaching high performances. Our outdoor seating area is a great place for our freedivers. We use it for stretching, meditation, lunch and to hang out after the training is over. We freedive koh tao with a catamaran built and designed especially for freediving trips and depth training. Our boats bring students from dive sites to shores. We teach from a simple freedive discovery all the way to freediving instructor trainer. As well as various diving specialities such as Monofin, Meditation breathing, No Fins diving, Variable Weight/No-Limit and Advanced Equalization. All our courses end with some snorkelling and we go on freediving trips as well. The Cave trip, Wreck trip, Shark island trip, underwater statues trip and Coral Reefs trip are available. ”All you can eat” Freediving!



Florian Dagoury-Houas:

FIM CWT CNF STA DYN DNF RECORDS: 85m 85m 60m 9.01min 200m 165m

Lotta Ericson: FIM DYN STA RECORDS: 71m 167m 7min

Linda Paganelli: FIM CWT VWT STA: 70m 82m 100m 6.45min

Jin Huyn: FIM CWT: 71m 71m

And our team of Instructors…



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