Step 1: Theory + Pool training

All our Freediving theory sessions are online in English + Thai subtitles. You can start your education right now and on your own time! Videos are made by Florian, one of the top freediver in the world. After your studies, you are ready for your pool training. Your instructor will check your theory knowledge and you will pass a little exam. The advanced course is the first step into deep diving. You will spend a lot of time practicing dry equalization (mouthfill technique).

Some of the interesting things you will learn:

  • Advanced freediving physiology
  • Advanced breathing techniques
  • Effects of Nitrogen on the body
  • Packing & Reverse Packing
  • Mouth-Fill & Eq-Tool dry exercises
  • Advanced ribcage stretching
  • Mental techniques for deep dives
  • Buoy and Line set ups
  • Diet for Freediving
  • DNF and Monofin Technique

You will be certified Lap 3 after finishing the skills. A Lap3 is a professional certification to work as an assistant instructor.

8,000 thb
Step 2: Depth training

We start with exhale dives to learn new equalization skills. The main focus of this course is Mouth-Fill. This techniques will allow you to freedive safely below residual volume (30m) and reduce significantly the risks of lung injury during your deep dive. It will also allow you to save oxygen during dive and relax deeper during freefall. You will also learn the mental technique ”deconcentration” which will help controlling your emotions during deep dives.

Some of the interesting things you will learn:

  • Exhale dive (FRC)
  • Mouth-Fill deep equalization technique
  • Skills: Mask leaks, cramping & 1 fin ascents
  • Deep rescue and towing
  • CNF and Monofin training
  • Buddy systems for deep dives
  • Advanced breathing for depth
  • Co2 tolerance training
  • Use buoyancy to consume less O2
  • Kicking adjustments during Free-Fall

You will be certified Wave 3 after completing your skills and be able to work as an assistant instructor.

8,000 thb (boat fees included)

Requirements to participate: 18 years old, pass medical form and a 2nd level certification . Requirements for certification: 3.30min STA, 75m DYN, 50m DNF, rescue 20m, freedive to 34 to 40m, pass theory exam, FRC 5-15m mouthfill, 25m CNF. Group discount (from 3 students): 16,000thb/person instead of 18,000thb/person.  Course include freediving equipment, pool/boat fees, certifications, monofin try.