Step 1: Theory + Pool (private course)

If you can hold your breath for 3-4 minutes and freedive comfortably to 25-30 meters, it’s time to learn skills and level up. This advanced course is about learning techniques to freedive safely below the residual volume of your lungs. The course start with online theory, available in English, French, Russian and Thai languages. You will learn advanced freediving techniques such as: breathing techniques, reserve packing frenzel, mouthfill equalization, deconcentration of attention, packing and reverse packing stretches, dry training tables, freediving fitness training and more…Once you finish your online studies, we will meet at the pool and start your training with some stretches which increase relaxation and lung size. Then we will coach you to hold your breath for 4-5 minutes in static apnea and 75 to 100 meters in dynamic apnea. Your dives will be filmed for later technique review. In this course we practice with bi fins, no fins and monofin. After improving your pool skills to maximum, we begin to practice the new equalization techniques and prepare you for the ocean training.

Some interesting things you will learn:

  • Advanced freediving physiology
  • Advanced breathing techniques
  • Packing & Reverse Packing stretches
  • Mouthfill & equalization dry exercises
  • Mental techniques for deep dives
  • Effects of Nitrogen on the body
  • Swimming styles & speed adjustments
  • Buoy and diving line set ups
  • Diet for freediving
  • No fins, bi fins and monofin training
Step 2: Ocean Training (private course)

We start with exhale dives to enhance your confidence, relaxation and to practice the new equalization techniques. The main focus of this course is mouthfill equalization. This technique will allow you to freedive safely below the residual volume of your lungs (30m+) and reduce significantly the risks of lung injury during deep dives. It will also allow you to save oxygen and relax deeper during your freefall. We will also focus on new mental technique ”deconcentration” which will help controlling your emotions during deep dives. During the first open water sessions, the dives will be shallow, we improve your technique, relaxation, body position and mental preparation. The last open water sessions we will focus on deep dives using all the pool and shallow water skills you learn. 35-40 meters dives will not longer be a challenge and you will have all the necessary knowledge and skills to progress on your own even further. We finish with a photoshoot to leave with great memories. Olga shoot and edit pictures/videos with a professional camera and editing software.

Some interesting things you will learn:

  • Exhale dive (FRC)
  • Mouthfill deep equalization technique
  • Reverse packing frenzel equalization
  • Mental deconcentration of attention
  • Body position adjustments
  • No fins, bi fins and monofin training
  • Advanced breathing for depth
  • High Co2 and low O2 tolerance training
  • Use buoyancy to consume less O2
  • Kicking adjustments during Free-Fall
Private Freediving Course: (1,2 or 3 students)
3 hours theory, 1 day pool, 5 days diving
45,000thb (1350$US)