Course duration: 2 days

Price: 8000thb (200Euros aprox)

Prerequisites: have completed the SSI level 1 freediving course or equivalent course, First Aid/CPR and O2 Provider certificate, 18 years of age, medical certificate signed by a doctor.


For Level 1 Certified Freedivers :

Freediving is a growing activity all around the world. We can now find several freediving centers in every country and most scuba diving resorts offer basic form freediving training. Even the cities without sea access have their freediving associations and training clubs now. Becoming a ssi basic Instructor will allow you run breath hold training in pool or freediving courses in shallow waters. You will be able to teach ssi Try, Basic and Pool Freediving courses.

Try Freediving course is a introduction to the sport where you learn simple breathing techniques to swim underwater with comfort. The Basic Freediving course is a light depth training where students have their first try at swimming down. The Pool Freediving course is a training to learn techniques used in static apnea and dynamic apnea. As well as coaching skills to manage groups of freedivers training in pool. Basic Instructor can offer courses in diving centers, resorts, clubs and associations.

The aim of this course is:

  • Getting to know the SSI freediving teaching materials to present it in a knowledgeable and professional manner.
  • Learning the theoretical and in-water teaching skills you need in order to be a confident and competent freediving instructor.
  • Understand and recognize the main mistakes and problems you will encounter when teaching beginners and advanced freediving courses and help the students to overcome them.
  • Learning and getting comfortable with the Basic, Pool and Try freediving programs that you will teach to your students.
  • Get a deep knowledge of other aspect related to teaching Freediving, like the legal aspects, marketing, business policies and other side activities you can offer in your business.

At the end of the course, you will be certified as Basic Freediving Instructor, which allows you to teach Basic, Pool and Try SSI courses