Step 1: Theory + Pool (private course)

To feel safe and confident underwater, you must understand the science behind this sport. All our theory sessions are done online in English, French, Russian and Thai languages. You can start your education today and on your own time. After your online studies, you are ready to meet us at the pool. The lesson start with stretches to develop your flexibility and lung size. Then you will learn to hold your breath without moving (Static Apnea). This is the easiest freediving discipline, it teaches you to relax of body and mind. Then you will learn to swim like a freediver from one side of the pool to the other (Dynamic Apnea). This discipline boost your confidence, swimming technique and show your approximate maximum distance swimmable underwater. After few hours in the pool, your breath hold, swimming skills, relaxation and confidence will be on point. You are ready for the ocean training.


Some interesting things you will learn:

  • 2 to 3 minutes static breath hold
  • 30 to 50m pool swim underwater
  • Buoyancy and weighting for freediving
  • Effects of O2/Co2 on breath holds
  • Basic breathing and relaxation
  • Equalization exercises and training
  • Diving and swimming techniques
  • Mental techniques and strategy
  • Safety buddy systems
  • Basic freediving equipment
  • Intro no fin freediving
  • Intro monofin freediving
Step 2: Ocean Training (private course)

It’s time to transfer your pool skills to the ocean and experience the your mammalian diving reflex. You will feel your heart rate slowing down, your lungs getting smaller, your blood shifting from arms & legs to core, and an intense feeling of peace. Those are natural reflexes to conserve oxygen. The training start with making you comfortable in the water and checking your ears equalization. Then we will dive slowly deeper and deeper with two freediving disciplines. Free Immersion discipline is pulling yourself down and up using your arms on the line. Constant weight discipline is swimming down and up using fins without pulling the line. We will work mostly on swimming techniques and mental relaxation. You will be amazed how easy it is to swim to 10-20 meters deep on a single breath of air. The day ends with a fun dive & photoshoot to save few memories of this great experience.


Some interesting things you will learn:

  • 10 to 20m dive with fins
  • Visualization technique
  • Adjusting buoyancy & weights
  • Equalization of ears, masks, sinus
  • Few breathing and relaxation skills
  • Few duck dives and turns skills
  • Body position, streamlining
  • Mammalian dive reflex sensations
  • Safety and buddy systems
  • Mental techniques for stress
  • Try no-fin and monofin freediving
  • Freediving gear set ups and value
Private Freediving Course: (1,2 or 3 students)
3 hours theory, 1 day pool, 3 days diving
30,000thb (900$US)