Step 1: Theory + Pool Training

All our Freediving theory sessions are online in English +Thai subtitles. You can start your education right now and on your own time! Theory videos are made by Florian, one of the top freediver in the world. After your studies, you are ready to meet us at blue immersion freediving center in bangkok for your pool training. Your instructor will check your theory knowledge and you will pass a little exam. Then you will learn to hold your breath without moving first, then swim like a freediver from one side of the pool to the other, equalize your ears, safety skills and much more… When you finish your training, you will get your first certification: Molchanovs Lap 1.

Some of the interesting things you will learn:

  • Buoyancy and weighting for freediving
  • Effects of O2/Co2 on breath holds
  • Basic breathing and relaxation
  • Equalization exercises and training
  • Diving and swimming techniques
  • Mental techniques
  • Body systems and safety
  • Basic Freediving equipment
  • 2 to 3 minutes breath hold static
  • 30 to 50m pool swim underwater
  • Intro no fin freediving
 5,000 thb
Step 2: Depth Training

The training start with making you comfortable in the water and checking your equalization. Then we will dive deeper in free immersion and constant weight. Free Immersion is pulling yourself down and up using your arms on the line. It’s a very relaxed way to freedive. Constant weight is swimming down and up using fins without pulling the line. We will work on technique and mental adaptation to make you feel much calmer underwater. Slowly the sensation of urge to breathe with go away as your relaxation skills will increase. You will be amazed how easy it is to swim to 12-20 meters deep on a single breath of air. 2nd certification: Wave 1

Some of the interesting things you will learn:

  • Buoyancy tests
  • Equalization head down
  • Surface breathing and relaxation
  • Duck dives and turns
  • Body position, streamlining
  • Dive reflex adaptation
  • 12 to 20m bi-fins and dolphin kicks
  • Safety and buddy systems
  • Mental techniques for stress
  • Intro no-fin dives
  • Basic care of freediving gears
5,000 thb (including boat fee)

Requirements to participate: 16 years old + parents approval, 200m swim test, medical form.  Requirements for certification: 1.30min breath hold (STA), 30m underwater swim in a pool (DYNbi), rescue a freediver from 6m, freedive to 12-20m, equalization head down, pass the theory exam.  Group discount (3 students): 9,000thb/person instead of 10,000thb/person. Course include freediving equipment, pool/boat fees, certifications and monofin try.