Blue Immersion is located on Sairee beach, most popular area in Koh Tao. Our students start their freediving training in our relax classrooms with a beautiful sea view. Relaxation is a big part of the sport, feeling well with the surroundings will help you reaching high performances. When a freediver hold his breath, there is nothing more motivating than the sound of the waves from the ocean. Our freediving courses are conducted in small groups. Our instructors will ensure that each of you leaves with a full understanding of freediving and high performances.


Our outdoor seating area is a great place for our freedivers. We use it for stretching, meditation, lunch and to hang out after the training is over. Our early morning stretching/meditation sessions are important for freediving. It allows our freedivers to gain thoracic flexibility rapidly and achieve greater depth safetly. Eating healthy food is a boost for freediving. Our body gain endurance to low levels of oxygen and allow us to hold our breath much longer. You can enjoy freediving with us without feeling bloated. Sandwiches, salads, thai dishes, vegetarian/vegan food and snacks are available. After the training, we might also enjoy some cold beers looking at the sunset.


A nice set up is essential to practice Freediving safely! Freedivers must have access to training dive sites comfortably to be 100% rested before their dives. The boat need to be back on shore without transferring beginner freedivers to a other boat in case of a emergency. Those of you who knows freediving understand that we feel much more confident if we know that our safety is guaranteed. We freedive Koh Tao with a catamaran built and designed especially for freediving trips and depth training. Our boats bring students from dive sites to shores. It is equipped with 2 competition arms which allow a easier descent and ascent for our advanced freedivers. Also it allow us to train variable weight and no-limit disciplines. We have access to most dive site within 10-15minutes. Catamaran are extremely stabble which really minimize the risk of seasickness compare to classic boats. The Blue Immersion vessel is simply a freediving platforms with engines. It makes our Freediving school the most well-equipped and safest in Thailand!


Blue Immersion is the Freediving School in Thailand, which offer the largest range of courses,specialities and trips. We teach from a simple freedive discovery all the way to freediving instructor trainer. Being a good freediver is also knowing about specific disciplines. This is why our freediving instructors are trained to teach various diving specialities such as Monofin, Bbreathing, No Fins diving, Variable Weight/No-Limit and Advanced Equalization. All you can eat Freediving at Blue! We also go fun diving because swimming down/up a line every day gets very boring. You need to explore the ocean in order to feel comfortable mentally while freediving. All our courses end with some snorkelling and we go on freediving trips as well. The Cave trip, Wreck trip, Shark island trip, Underwater statues trip and Coral Reefs trip are available.

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After you’ve tasted a little bit of Freediving at Blue Immersion, there is a big chance that you get addicted. You might think of buying your own equipment, so that you can indulge in your new addiction whenever you have the opportunity in holidays or during your day off at the pool. In our shop we sell masks, snorkels, fins, wetsuits and various diving accessories. Because no size fits all and everybody is different, we will advise you on the equipment that suits your personal goals best. To truly experience freediving there is nothing like being comfortable in your own equipment. Your own fear will give you a greater mental boost, feeling like a badass you will achieve greater time, length and depth ! If you want to freedive with your partner or friends on your own, we rent buoys and gears.

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Having fun is an important key to learn and improve Freediving. When we are happy, our body produce more pleasure hormones such as serotonine, endorphine and others. Those hormones help the freedivers to ignore uncomfortable feelings such as the urge to breath, high pressure and hypoxia. This is why at Blue we take care of your Freediving training and your Thailand experience. To do so we organise dinners, BBQ, nights out, movie nights and apnea games at Blue Immersion. We also give you opportunities every year to meet the very best Freedivers in the world. In 2017 we had the pleasure hosting the former World Champion in constant weight, Guillaume Nery. We also hosted the World Champion of static apnea, Branko Petrovic.

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Learning the sport of Freediving is a complicated process. The more you understand how your body work, the easier and faster you will perform. The theory of our freediving courses will be on your laptop or smartphone before your training start and in many different languages. Images, Videos, Quizz are in the freediving digital manuals to make it easy to understand. On the freediving smartphone application you will find your ssi certifications, your courses, log book, diving videos and you can look for dive centers and buddies around the world.