-Swimming pool for Static and Dynamic Apnea training

-Private Gym only for our students

-A boat specially designed for Freediving – competition platform with an engine

-Modern classrooms equipped with TV to watch Freediving skills, techniques etc …

-Social area, relax, read books or play Freediving board games

-Beach terrace for your stretching

-A Freediving equipment store to purchase your own gear

-Freediving toys: Spirometers to measure your lungs, Oximeters for O2 saturation, a Sled for Variable/No-limit Freediving, Otovents to practice equalisation, Monofins ….

-Online learning education: all courses and important exercises are available on your smart phone before you arrive at Blue.

-Shower and Toilet

The center is open for information/reservation from 12pm to 8pm. However, we strongly recommend an online reservation to study the theory and learn our equalisation exercises before you arrive at Blue. This will make your Freediving course much easier.

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Freediving courses always start in the pool or shallow water. It allow students to practice breathing, equalisation and swimming techniques in a familiar environment before going in the open water. Freedivers communally call the pool training: the open water simulator. During the beginner course, the pool session start with simple skills such as duck dives, turns, finning and body position. You will then start your first Freedives horizontally from one side of the pool to the other. Very quickly, your confidence will increase and you will be able to swim longer distances underwater. If you swim 40 meters horizontally, you are perfectly capable of doing the same distance vertically: 20m down and 20m back up to the surface. The only difference between horizontal and vertical Freedives will be equalisation.


Freediving is mostly a mental sport. However having a good fitness level can improve your relaxation, oxygen consumption, swimming technique and tolerance to lactic acid. For example, some of the most popular Freediving exercises: Apnea cycling and Apnea squats. All students are welcome to have a workout. We have a stationary bicycle, a bench press, a squat machine, a pull up bar and an abs bench. Our little Freediving workout room has the sea view and will be get bigger next year. The gym is very helpful in the Master course. When you are off diving, you can build more strength in your legs and make yourself a stronger swimmer. Freedivers who are limited by the urge to breath or/and burning legs during dives can rapidly fix this problem on the bike with Co2 tolerance and lactic exercises. Freediving workouts are healthy and fun!   


A nice set up is essential to practice Freediving safely! Freedivers must have access to training dive sites comfortably to be 100% rested before their dives. The boat need to be back on shore without transferring Freedivers to another boat in case of an emergency. Those of you who knows Freediving understand that we feel much more confident if we know that our safety is guarantee. We Freedive Koh Tao with a catamaran built and designed especially for Freediving trips and depth training. Our boats bring students from dive sites to shores. It is equipped with two competition arms that allow an easier descent and ascent for our advanced divers. It allows us to train variable weight and no-limit disciplines if we attach our sled on it. We have access to most dive site within 10-15 minutes. Catamaran are extremely stable which really minimize the risk of seasickness compare to local boats or speed boats. The Blue Immersion vessel is simply a Freediving platform with a small engine that use a very small amount of gasoline. It makes our school the most well equipped and safest in Thailand!


Our outdoor seating area is a great place for our Freedivers. We use it for stretching, meditation, lunch and to hang out after the training is over. Our early morning stretching/meditation sessions are important for Freediving. It allows our students to gain thoracic flexibility rapidly and achieve greater depth safely. Eating healthy food is a boost for Freediving. Our body gain endurance to low levels of oxygen and allow us to hold our breath much longer. You can enjoy Freediving with us without feeling bloated. Sandwiches, salads, Thai dishes, vegetarian/vegan food and snacks are available. After the training, we might also enjoy some cold beers looking at the sunset.


After you have tasted a little bit of Freediving at Blue Immersion, there is a big chance that you get addicted. You might think of buying your own equipment, so that you can indulge in your new addiction whenever you have the opportunity in holidays or during your day off at the pool. In our shop, we sell masks, snorkels, fins, wetsuits and various diving accessories. Because no size fits all and everybody is different, we will advise you on the equipment that suits your personal goals best. To experience Freediving there is nothing like being comfortable in your own equipment. Your own gear will give you a greater mental boost, feeling like a badass, you will achieve greater time, length and depth!