46m Freediver, 6.15min breath hold

Teach Beginner, Intermediate and Training sessions

Golf is an excellent freediving instructor. His swimming techniques are great and he has the talent to make his students progress with lots of fun, without feeling any performance pressure at all. Golf is very professional and is always looking to learn more about freediving skills and more advanced knowledge. We are feeling lucky to have him in our team.

Instructor Golf

 50m Freediver, 5min breath hold

Teach Beginner, Intermediate and Training sessions

Aom has been training like a pro since we meet her in a freediving internship. We believe she is on the way to become a Thai freediving champion in many disciplines. She is smart, funny, professional and her freediving techniques is flawless. Aom is studying to be a lawyer and spend all her spare time training and teaching freediving.

Instructor Aom

50m Freediver, 6.30min breath hold

Teach Beginner, Intermediate, Training sessions, Organize & judge freediving competitions

Olga is a complete freediver. She has excellent performances and technique in all disciplines. Passionate with photography, she spend lots of her time taking and editing pictures of students. Olga is also creating a smartphone application that will allow lots of people to enjoy the benefits of breath work.

Instructor Olga

90m Freediver, 10.30min breath hold

Teach Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced, Training sessions, Instructors

Florian has been teaching freediving for almost 10 years. His main focus is to train instructors in Thailand. To this day he has certified 100+ instructors and has currently the biggest static breath hold in the world. Florian spend most of his time teaching students and training the instructors every week for better performance and knowledge .

Instructor Florian