If you wanna burn some bridges, learning from the best in the field and having some new PB don’t look any further. Mr.10minutes is a wizard.

Walid (coaching reviews)

Let’s be fair…the man is a mutant…Training with Florian is a game changer! It is definitely not a walk in the park but results are solid. Proud to be one of his 3 students that broke the 9 minutes barrier. Static junkies this is the man you should address for your growth.

Nikolaos (coaching reviews)

Flo is a leading resource in STA by significant margins over most of his peers. The community at large is incredibly lucky for his contributions.

Brandon (coaching reviews)

The best in the game right now, he knows everything about everything. If you follow the training you will reach your goals 100% sure.

Niko (coaching reviews)

Training with Flo was amazing, I enjoyed it every time, it was challenging and Flo motivates you to achieve what you never thought possible from yourself, at a certain point STA becomes a mediation you get addicted to.

Charles (coaching reviews)

With mr.10minutes you will really growing your Freedice knowledge, skills, tricks.He has great knowledge in everything and this indicates knowledge and open-mindedness. I really enjoyed training with him, and it was really helpful.

Abdullah (coaching reviews)

Helped me to reach 9 minutes!!!

Rami (coaching reviews)

Highly recommend! You have no idea how much static could be!!

Natanie (coaching reviews)

Mr.10minutes is for sure the best coach you can find to bring your static to the next level!!!

Melanie (coaching reviews)