We invited the UK champion Dean for a constant weight no fin workshop. Dean Chaouche specialize in all depth disciplines. He can Freedive to 100+ meters with monofin, free immersion and 80+ meters without any fins. Dean is a fantastic coach, he came to Blue Immersion well prepared with all the theory topics we asked and lots of videos of his dives. He showed us how he improved his swimming technique over the years and how it helped him freediving deeper. Dean also taught us all his stretching and mobility training routines which allow the body to have more motions while swimming. After the theory session we all went to our new swimming pool to practice very special exercises. We basically isolated each movement of the swimming style for no fin dives. For example we did pool laps using only leg kicks, only arm strokes and much more. The goal is to pay attention to every details and boost the propulsion of each movement and be very hydrodynamic to reduce drags. After all the pool drills, we had lunch, we played pool (British people love this game, but Dean isn’t so good at it actually) and we went Freediving. The results where immediate, all of us felt comfortable, diving to 30ish meters without fins and without any urge to breathe due to the big swimming technique improvements. We learn to count strokes up and down to have references. The best of us did 7 strokes before Freefall which is a very good performance if weighted properly. Dean also taught us the amount of strength we should apply on each kick and stroke in relation to the depth. This was really helpful for all of us. After 2 hours of exhausting line training, we had a little break on the boat then went fun diving to see some cool underwater statues. We took lots of pictures and you can see those in our gallery page or on our social media such as Facebook and Instagram. The next day we the usual “ask me anything” talk. Dean was extremely knowledgeable on all topics. We ask about the new equalization and breathing techniques of the new Freediving education system made by the world champion Alexey. We talk about dieting, supplementing, pool training routines and so many other things. Mr Chaouche simply knew it all and we were all very impressed. Over all we really had two amazing training days. Stay tuned for the next 2019 super champion, coming up soon



We invited the World champion Alexey, for a deep diving workshop. It started with 2 hours of theory. We talked about deep equalization techniques, special uncontrolled breathing for deep dives, dry exercises and pool training for Co2/Lactic tolerance. It was amazing to learn what the World best Freediver do differently than others to make the difference. The breathing method for example was very different than what Freedivers learn in AIDA, PADI, SSI schools. We clearly realized that all Freediving education systems are teaching a mild form of hyperventilation. The breathing that Alexey is an uncontrolled inhale/exhale using the tidal volume of his lungs only. For equalization, few extra details helped our Freedivers to stay more relaxed while using Mouthfil and few new discoveries from Adam Stern were added to this workshop. All the dry exercises we did had the purpose to develop the body mobility or to simulate the ascent part of the dives. The conditioning was intense. Later on we went Freediving up/down the line for 2 hours. The new breathing technique gave the students an excellent relaxation. We dove deeper, extended our dive times and were less hypoxic after each dives. When the training was over, we went to Koh Tao wreck, had lots of good dives with the world champion and took some awesome pictures. We ended the first day with a nice diner and kept talking about Freediving like real nurdes. The next day of the workshop was an ‘’ask me anything” theory class. We asked Alexey so many questions, he was a little overwhelmed but did not failed to provide great answers. The event finished with a funny static Apnea competition between Alexey and Florian. The rules were simple: hold your breath as long as possible while answering a Quizz prepared by the Blue Immersion instructors. A correct answer was worth +15s, a wrong answer -15s. It was very interesting to notice how much the brain use Oxygen. Florian have a 9 minutes personal best and only did 7.05min. Alexey with a personal best at 8.33min did 6.35 minutes. The World champion answered the Quizz very well and the friendly competition ended in a draw. Over all it was an amazing experience to meet Alexey, we had such a great time and learn lots about Freediving. Shortly after, we have decided to teach Molchanov courses at Blue Immersion. Florian became an instructor trainer of the Molchanov Freediving education and taught the Blue Immersion instructors. We are very happy to offer SSI and Molchanov courses from beginner to instructor now. The Molchanov student manuals are fantastic. Each course have a video manual and a more complete online manual for students who wants to learn even more. At the end of each course, students have access to ”Base training’’, an online program that provides weekly training routines to keep progressing. The Smart phone app and website are also great and have lots of useful features.

Natalia Z


Natalia Zharkova did a CNF workshop at Blue Immersion in February 2018. Natalia is one of the strongest female Freedivers in the world, with two CMAS World records (85 m CWT bi-fins and 65 m CNF). The workshop started with a through stretching specified for swimming and Freediving. Natalia is a former professional swimmer and has an impressive knowledge about the mobility and strength exercises vital for swimming, horizontal as well as vertical! We all rapidly realise how difficult the no fins discipline are. The secret is to become as efficient as possible in the water and train Co2 and lactic tolerance to maximum. Increasing efficiency is all about the swimming technique. You need to create a lot of propulsion on each movement without using to much energy and reduce drags to minimum when you reload for the next movement. In order to do all that, the body needs to have a very good mobility and that requires lots of stretching routines. Natalia showed us her daily routine to develop flexibility and mobility. She is a very strong woman with lots of muscles. It was very impressive to see how someone so strong could also be very flexible. We got to try new techniques in the swimming pool; streamlining, leg kicks, and hand movements were trained, evaluated and recorded. We did laps only using on legs or arms. We did laps as fast as possible to feel water resistance and feel where we created drag while swimming. Natalia was like a seal in the water, making everything look very easy! Whereas the participants got a lot of new knowledge, and things to improve, from their encouraging coach. The workshop continued with an open water session where the participants got to try all of their new skills, diving vertical with Natalia by their side. We reduce the amount of movements before entering Freefall to minimum, then work on positioning and relaxation during the descent phase. All participants improved their capacity of no fins diving, both for DNF and CNF. We all also understood that the No Fins discipline will require patience, disciplines and lots of practice in swimming pools. Blue Immersion is looking forward to have Natalia back for more workshops and training! Watch the video of the training.



We invited Guillaume Nery, the former world champion in constant weight, for a workshop. During a day Guillaume trained our Freedivers to dive deeper. We started with some theory about stretching, relaxation, equalization, visualization and yoga. His knowledge was overwhelming. He explained us the different phase of his preparation for his multiples record dives, his special breathing techniques to keep his heart rate as lowest as possible, his weight training to build the necessary strength and different techniques for the mouthfil equalization. We had lunch all together and talk about our lifes, future projects and made diving jokes. Then we went training depth for 3 hours. We did no fins, free immersion and constant weight training and learn lots from the best. Everybody learn a lot and made new personal best that day. We focused the line training on relaxation, swimming technique and breathing preparation. It was very interesting to understand what champions do in order to Freedive deeper. Lots of repetitions, paying attentions to every details and be patient with results. After training we went Freediving on a beautiful reef and took pictures. Thanks Guillaume.


Guillaume Néry is born on the 11th July 1982 in Nice,France. He is a French Freediver specialised in the constant weight discipline. In 2015 he stopped competiting after diving down to 139m instead of 129m. Today Guillaume keep training, freedive to great depth and spend his time sharing his knowledges around the world.At 19 years old Guillaume jumped into the French Freediving National Team and was world champion 1 year later with a dive to 87m. In 2004 an other world record at 96m. In 2006 Guillaume his 3rd world

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We invited Branko Petrovic for a workshop. For a whole day, our freedivers learn all about the discipline static apnea from the best. Most of our students had an average level of 4-5 minutes breath hold. 1-2 weeks after the worshop, everybody had 6+ minutes breathe hold. Including the owner of the school who was stock at 8minutes for years and have now 9 minutes breath hold. We did theory the whole morning and training the whole afternoon. Branko stayed on the island for a week so we also had plenty of extra advices. Since then we teach Branko’s static method to our students and have great results ever since. Thanks to the best Static Apnea Freediver who ever lived: Branko Petrovic.

Branko Petrović was born in Split, and now live in Belgrade, Serbia. As a Serbian he had the oppurtunity to practice different forms of apnea since an early age. He did spearfishing professionaly since the age of sixteen, which allowed him to develop a perfect adaptation to the aquatic world.  Since years he practices Apnea as a sport discipline. he has started to practise Apnea more and more seriously and he is looking to quit spearfishing entirely and become a full time professional freediver.

Branko love to show his performances and tell how he achieved them.

He is a World champion and World Record Holder recognised by the federation of CMAS since September 2011 with a time of 9’32”. This time was the best time achieved in a CMAS competition up to date. He achieved the best time at a competion ever at the 7th Submania Cup in Croatia, last November with a time of 10’23”. He did a National record of Serbia with a time of 12’11” during an individual record attempt this january. This is the best time ever achieved in this discipline. Only because there was no Level A judge present it is not recognised as an official World Record. His chest is the most flexibile, allowing him to pack up to 7.5l of extra air, making his total lung capacity over 15 liters.