We invited Guillaume Nery, the former world champion in constant weight, for a workshop. During a day Guillaume trained our freedivers to dive deeper. We started with some theory about stretching, relaxation, equalisation , visualisation and yoga. We had lunch all together and talk about our lifes, future projects and silly diving jokes. Then we went training depth for 3 hours. We did no fins, free immersion and constant weight training and learn lots from the best. Thanks Guillaume.


Guillaume Néry is born on the 11th July 1982 in Nice,France. He is a French Freediver specialised in the constant weight discipline. In 2015 he stopped competiting after diving down to 139m instead of 129m. Today Guillaume keep training, freedive to great depth and spend his time sharing his knowledges around the world.At 19 years old Guillaume jumped into the French Freediving National Team and was world champion 1 year later with a dive to 87m. In 2004 an other world record at 96m. In 2006 Guillaume his 3rd world record with a dive at 109m. In 2008 4th world record with a dive at 113m. In 2015 he dove to 126m.


  • 2001: Record de France : −82 m / cwt / Nice (France) – Ibiza/Espagne
  • 2002: Record du monde : −87 m / cwt / Nice (France)
  • 2004: Record du monde : −96 m / cwt / La Réunion (France)
  • 2006: Record du monde : −109 m / cwt / Nice (France) – Hurghada (Égypte)
  • 2008: Record du monde : −113 m / cwt / Nice (France) – (Égypte)
  • 2009: 3e au championnat du Monde individuel / cnf (−78 m) – Bahamas
  • 2010: Record de France : −115 m / poids constant / Bahamas
  • 2011: World championship : French National record −119 m – Kalamata
  • 2012: Record de France : −123 m / cwt / Bahamas (France)
  • 2013: Record de France : −125 m / cwt / Kalamata – Grèce
  • 2015: Record de France : −126 m / cwt / Chypre


Guillaume is well known around the world for the videos he does with his wife Julie Gautier. The Production of the videos is called ‘‘Les Films Engloutis’’. Guillaume also appears in several documentary, music videos and publicities.

  • 2017: Y40
  • 2016: Haven
  • 2014: Ocean Gravity
  • 2014: Narcose
  • 2010: Free Fall
  • 2014: Attention a life in Extreme: Produce by Sasha Koelnritner
  • 2011: La Traversée des Mondes: Produce by Grand Angle
  • 2009: Deep: Produce by Axel Ramonet et Aurore Asso
  • 2003: Bleu Afghan: Produce by Loic Lefermeet Guillaume Néry
  • 2015: Runnin ( lose it all) – Naughty Boyft Beyonce ft Arrow Benjamin – Produce by Forever Pictures
  • 2011: Until my last breath
  • 2010: Les Bar de l’Hôtel
  • 2017: AMG 50 years anniversary
  • 2017: Skybet Italie
  • 2016: Cressi 70 years anniversary
  • 2015: Nissan
  • 2014: Johnny Walker
  • 2011: Hyundai- Corée du Sud
  • 2009: BMWEfficient Dynamic



We invited Branko Petrovic for a workshop. For a whole day, our freedivers learn all about the discipline static apnea from the best. Most of our students had an average level of 4-5 minutes breath hold. 1-2 weeks after the worshop, everybody had 6+ minutes breathe hold. Including the owner of the school who was stock at 8minutes for years and have now 9 minutes breath hold. We did theory the whole morning and training the whole afternoon. Branko stayed on the island for a week so we also had plenty of extra advices. Since then we teach Branko’s static method to our students and have great results ever since. Thanks to the best Static Apnea Freediver who ever lived: Branko Petrovic.

Branko Petrović was born in Split, and now live in Belgrade, Serbia. As a Serbian he had the oppurtunity to practice different forms of apnea since an early age. He did spearfishing professionaly since the age of sixteen, which allowed him to develop a perfect adaptation to the aquatic world.  Since years he practices Apnea as a sport discipline. he has started to practise Apnea more and more seriously and he is looking to quit spearfishing entirely and become a full time professional freediver.

Branko love to show his performances and tell how he achieved them.

He is a World champion and World Record Holder recognised by the federation of CMAS since September 2011 with a time of 9’32”. This time was the best time achieved in a CMAS competition up to date. He achieved the best time at a competion ever at the 7th Submania Cup in Croatia, last November with a time of 10’23”. He did a National record of Serbia with a time of 12’11” during an individual record attempt this january. This is the best time ever achieved in this discipline. Only because there was no Level A judge present it is not recognised as an official World Record. His chest is the most flexibile, allowing him to pack up to 7.5l of extra air, making his total lung capacity over 15 liters.