Freediving Koh Tao at Blue Immersion


Blue Immersion is located on the most popular beach of Koh Tao island called Sairee. All students start their training in a relaxing, quiet setting, with a beautiful sunrise from the facility facing the beach. Courses will be conducted in a very relaxed manner inside sea view classrooms and in small groups. We welcome anyone who may have little or no experience all the way to Professional Freedivers with SSI Internationally recognised certifications. Freediving is for everyone! Our instructors have years of teaching experience and are competing in events such as Triple Depth, Vertical Blue and even World Championships. Students can come from all over the world and our instructors will ensure each one leaves with a full understanding of freediving with the highest quality of teaching using their in-depth knowledge gathered over many years !


In Freediving it is very important to feel comfortable with your instructors, with your equipment, and with the facilities. Blue Immersion center has high standard facilities including:

  • Sea view classrooms
  • Healthy food (including vegetarian/vegan)
  • 2 free diving boats: competition freediving platform
  • Dormitory and Deluxe rooms
  • Freediving Equipment for RENT/SALE
  • Library with Freediving books and movies
  • Yoga Classes every day at 6pm
  • Pick up from Koh Tao Pier
  • Full time Photographer/ Videographer
  • Freediving specialties (Sled for VWT & No limit,Monofins,Night dives and more)
  • Freediving Trips ( wreck, shark spots, underwater museum & more )
  • Beach Terrace for stretching & chilling


A nice set up is essential to practice Freediving safely! Free divers must have access to training dive site comfortably to be 100% rested before their dives and boat need to be back on shore without transferring athletes into a other boat in case of a emergency. Those of you who knows freediving understand that we feel much more confident if we know that our safety is guaranteed. We freedive Koh Tao with two catamarans built and designed especially for freediving trips and depth training. Our boats bring students from dive sites to shores. The Blue Immersion vessels are simply Freediving platforms with engines and make our Freediving school in Thailand the most well-equipped and safest for all apnea training !

  • Vessel 1: 20 Seats
  • Vessel 2: 4 Seats for private training, freediving specialties, competition, fun dives.
  • High quality Freediving buoys
  • 3 Arms with counterbalance system: highest standard of Freediving safety.
  • 1 Sled for no-limit freedive and variable weight.
  • First Aid kit and 100% Oxygen

Safety, comfort and enjoyment is paramount aboard the Blue Immersion Vessels !


Everyone can enjoy our yoga sessions starting everyday at 6pm. Good yoga practice can rejuvenate the body, calm the mind, and help heal the spirit through a greater sense of awareness and self-discovery which is the perfect for freediving. Regardless of your age, background, medical history, and lifestyle, our experienced instructors assist you in discovering yoga as a complete and holistic approach to general health and wellbeing. Your yoga practice will become a tool of self-empowerment and healing in every aspect of your daily life providing a lasting and powerful transformation. Flexibility and relaxation is paramount in freediving, our yoga classes will help you to achieve great static breath hold and strong deep dives in Koh Tao.


The dorm room offers large bunk beds with air-con,hot showers, wifi and lockers. It benefits of being located on Sairee beach directly above our shop ( 400thb/night 10USD appx). Premium rooms come with a fridge, TV , hot shower, 1 king size bed, 1 bunk bed, wifi and a sea view balcony (1800thb/night 50USD appx). Blue Immersion is the biggest freediving centre in Thailand, perfect to socialise and share your experience with other freedivers. Free divers can enjoy our accommodation, food and apnea training in koh tao all at the same place which is very convenient if you have in mind serious training days/weeks or months!



Our new outdoor seating area is a great place for freedivers to hang out and eat their delicious meals. The restaurant provides great healthy food perfect for freediving so you can enjoy diving with us without feeling bloated. We have sandwiches, healthy burgers, salads, thai dishes, deserts and snacks. The kitchen is open from 8am to 8pm every day for you to enjoy meals during training with a scenic view of the beach from our terrace !


After you’ve tasted a little bit of Freediving at Blue Immersion, there is a big chance that you get addicted. You might think of buying your own equipment, so that you can indulge in your new addiction whenever you have the opportunity in holidays or during your day off at the pool. In our shop we sell masks, snorkels, fins, wetsuits and various diving accessories. Because no size fits all and everybody is different, we will advise you on the equipment that suits your personal goals best. To truly experience freediving there is nothing like being comfortable in your own equipment. Your own fear will give you a greater mental boost, feeling like a badass you will achieve greater time, length and depth ! If you want to freedive with your partner or friends on your own, we rent buoys and gears.



Knowledge is power ! The freediving education never stops. In the shop we have a little freediving library. Books by Freedivers, about Freediving, for Freedivers. While you’re hanging around in the shop you can read some more on training strategies, breathing technique, equalisation or watch movies on our tablet. Epic books written by champion freedivers will inspire you to continue freediving and onto greater endeavours. Find out what the best of the best went through to get where they are and learn their secrets. We like training but we also like relaxing at Blue Immersion.On our tablet we have movies such as The Big Blue which offer a interesting insights into how freediving has progressed into what it is today. Watching Enzo hyperventilate before a dive should give you an idea of how much the sport has changed. Freediving movies and documentaries are popular at Blue Immersion. We even provide the popcorn !



Blue Immersion is the only Freediving centre in Thailand that organise trips to explore the ocean and not only going up and down a line. Our instructors will take you to different sites suitable for freediving on a daily basis:

-Swim through caves all around Koh Nang Yuan

-Explore the koh tao shipwreck

-Swim with baby sharks and turtles in Shark bay

-Snorkelling the colourful reef of Japanese garden

-Mission Shark Island: amazing rock south of Koh Tao

-Artificial underwater museum

-and more …

Being a good freediver require more than learning breathing techniques to go deeper in every course. Certain discipline, training method, equipment need to be learned separately for a maximum focus and efficiency. Blue Immersion provide various specialised apnea courses such as monofin, night dives, no-limit sled, dry training and more …