Freediving Instructor & Crossover Course

Some interesting things you will learn:

  • Advanced freediving knowledge and skills
  • Education system, base training, gear set ups
  • Leading warm ups, stretching, equalization
  • Leading relaxation, breathing, mental techniques
  • Teaching theory with proper structure
  • Group control for pool/ocean sessions
  • Skills discussion pool and open water
  • Freediving business and marketing
  • Freediving risks management
  • Online Freediving teaching
  • Video technique reviews

Requirements to become instructor:

  • Level 3 certified or equivalence
  • First Aid/Oxygen provider certified
  • Good technique in bi fins, no-fin, monofin
  • 25m CWT after 1 min vertical swim
  • 20m rescue with 50m towing
  • 20m rescue after 1min hang
  • 4min STA, 100m DYN, 60 DNF
  • 40m FIM and CWT-bi fin
  • 800m swim bifins in 15min
  • 400m swim nofins in 10min
  • 15min treading water swim
Instructor Course: 42,000thb (1260$US)
Crossover Course: 20,000thb (600$US)
Instructor Upgrade L1,2,3: 20,000thb