Freediving Online Coaching

To improve their performances, most freedivers get help from coaches for these reasons:

  • A freediving coach give you honest feedbacks and evaluations on your freediving performances and what you are missing to go further.
  • A coach have the experience you lack. He will know techniques and tricks that can up your game. And the things to avoid doing.
  • The freediving coach hold you accountable. That mean you have someone to answer to and give results to. Like homework at school.
  • A coach will give you extra knowledge
  • A coach who have already been at the highest level of a sport, knows how to get there fast. You will avoid wasting your time trying techniques that are not for you or not efficient enough.
Florian 1 on 1 coaching:
  • 1 call/week to check results and adjust training
  • Training plan include: breath holds, stretching, mental strategies, fitness, cardiovascular, dieting, supplements, log book, photos/videos
200 USD / month (Paypal Only)