TRAINING WEEK (private course)

If you can already freedive, don’t want to do a course but wish to improve your skills and knowledge, this is for you. To become a good freediver you must get the best training advices, then a plan for your body & mind to slowly adapt. Freediving is about developing a skill of mental concentration or deconcentration. Along with Co2 tolerance, hypoxia management, lactic acid threshold, thoracic flexibility and swimming techniques. During your training week, we will find your strength and weaknesses. We will show you new freediving techniques and explain you how to train and progress.

Pool session

We use the swimming pool to learn new freediving skills, improve swimming technique and increase breath hold times. Pool are useful because the weather and water conditions are always perfect. We can practice as long as we want, so most of your progress begins from there. A freediving pool session is the open water simulator.

Some interesting things we can improve:

  • Breathing technique
  • Swimming technique
  • Co2 and Hypoxia tolerance
  • Mental & Physical relaxation
  • No fin, Bi-fins, Monofin skills
  • Breath hold capacities
  • and more…
Ocean session

Time to boost your mammalian reflex and put your pool skills to a test in the ocean. We will do a mix of training on the line, fun dives and photoshoots. The goal is to have fun and develop your confidence, relaxation and underwater skills to freedive deeper and longer comfortably. The training week will be adapted to your needs and goals.

Some interesting things we can improve:

  • Bi fins, no fins, monofin technique
  • Buoyancy for training and fun dives
  • Equalization methods and training
  • Body positions, freefall and kicking
  • Relaxation and stress management
  • Swimming speed and orientation
  • and more…
Private Freediving Training: (1,2 or 3 students)
4 hours theory, 2 days pool, 3 days diving
30,000thb (900$US)