Pool or Open water – 2 to 3 hours/session

To be a good freediver you must train regularly. Freediving training allows your body and mind to adapt to higher levels of Co2, lower levels of Oxygen, higher tolerance to lactic acid in the muscles, better thoracic flexibility and greater swimming technique. With our training sessions, you will gain a lot of experience and plenty of new personal bests.

Pool Training

Monday to Friday:

Some of the interesting things you will do:

  • Max STA, DYN Bifins, DYN Monofin, DNF
  • Co2 and O2 Tables
  • Rubber band training
  • Stretching upper and lower body
  • Video replay: Technique analysis
  • Sweet 16
  • 1,2,3 breaths tables
  • Tortuga Race
  • Sprints without weights
  • and more …
1,200thb/session or 5Pass 5,000thb or 10Pass 8,000thb
(equipment and coaching included)

Depth Training


Some of the interesting things you will do:

  • Max CWT Bifins, Monofin, FIM, CNF
  • Equalization practice
  • Streamlining and body position
  • Free-Falling adjustements
  • Breath ups and relaxation
  • Co2 Tolerance
  • Bottom hangs and exhale dives
  • Surface swim + dive
  • Static + dive
  • and more…
(boat fee & equipment included)

Reward Training Certifications

During the training sessions your instructors will reward you with some Molchanovs training certifications. It’s important to stay motivated, to keep training fun and to have goals in mind.


500m Over/Unders

500m total
25m surface swim + 25m DNF, No rest (swim time is recovery time)
No weights, no wetsuits, as quickly as possible

Green: 14min, Blue: 12min, Red: 10min, Gold: 8min



20 minutes of STA with minimum recovery breaths
Recovery breath is: one exhale, one breath, one inhale

Green: 12 recovery breaths, Blue: 10, Red: 8, Gold: 6


Sweet 16 DNF

16 x 50 meter DNF
Complete as quickly as possible

Green: 32 minutes, Blue: 28, Red: 24, Gold: 20


And many more Badges Training Certifications!