7-10 Days Price: 42800thb (1200Euros appx)

Includes: manuals, certification, First aid &O2, Gym access, 5 training days 

Are you in love with freediving and want to share your passion and teach others? By becoming a professional SSI or Molchanov instructor and you will be able to travel around the world and support your travel by teaching courses. You also have the possibility to work in Blue Immersion and all around the world. Freediving is a fast growing sport with lots of career opportunities.


2 Days  Price: 8000thb (220Euros appx)

If you want to teach Freediving in pools, clubs or SSI scuba diving centers and simply make some extra money besides your main activity. We meet many scuba diving instructors who want to extend their passion for diving. Freedivers who practice in swimming pools and want to manage the training in their clubs or introduce new people to the sport. A SSI Basic Freediving Instructor can teach Try and Basic Freediving courses. You can start working quickly and upgrade to higher level of Instructor later on. The option is perfect for you if you want to teach Scuba diving and Freediving at the same time.


1-4 Days Price: 4000thb/day (110 euro/Day appx) + SSI Fee

During the update the candidate needs to demonstrate that he is able to perform and teach advanced freediving techniques, such as mouthfill and exhale diving, both in the classroom and in the open water. Perfect knowledge of the theory is required. Before your upgrade you must have experience teaching the first two Freediving levels and have assisted one Level 3 or Wave 3 course. Depending on your previous experience you will need few days to complete the upgrade. At Blue Immersion you can upgrade to Level 3 Pro with SSI or Wave 3 Pro with Molchanov. During this upgrade you will assist and teach parts of a SSI3 or Wave3 course. You will have to do new academic presentations and new skills in open water and pool such as a 50m constant weight dive, FRC to 25m with mouthfill at 5m, rescue from 20 meters and 100m dynamic. Your trainer will also show you how to check mouthfill equalization mistakes on students. Before taking this upgrade you must study the SSI level 3 or Molchanov Wave 3 student manuals. To make a good career with Freediving it is very important that you upgrade to Level 3 Instructor then to Instructor trainer. Your work will be more interesting, you will be a part of sport development worldwide and your incomes will increase. Learning never stops!


2-4 Days. 4000thb/day + SSI or Molchanov Fees

Freediving can be taught with many different agencies. Some agencies have more success than others, so to find your dream job you might need a crossover. SSI and Molchanov Freediving education are one of the busiest agencies around the world and they offer lots of work opportunities. During this crossover you will receive an overview about SSI or Molchanov and learn your new Freediving teaching system. You will go through a series of academic, pool and open water examinations to assess your ability as an instructor. You will have to show your trainer your abilities by performing certain skills. Your trainer will ask you to perform skills such as: 20m rescue with hang, 5 times 20m with 1 minute resting time, 40m constant weight dive, 100m dynamic apnea and some others. During this crossover we will show you the app, Powerpoint presentations, website and standards of the teaching system you have chosen. Before your crossover you need to study the first two level student manual and make sure your Freediving skills are up to date. Freediving is an amazing sport and changing agencies will bring you new knowledge and work opportunities.


Price: Free – Duration: 3 to 4 Months

Become an freediving instructor in 3 to 4 months depending on your initial level. Instead of paying your course with money, you will pay it off working at Blue Immersion. We are hiring 2 Interns every 4 months. To apply for this program you need to send us your resume with your diving experience, other working experiences, languages spoken fluently and few pictures that show your personality. If your profil is interesting, you will have a video call interview. You must be a 20m Freediver and have no problems with head down equalization to do this training program. The first 4 weeks of your internship you will do the advanced level, a part of the master program, assist the instructors and the Instructor course for the beginner course. During the next 2 to 3 months you will teach beginner Freediving students and keep learning with the Master course, Level 3 and the instructor course for the advanced level. At the end of this program, you will have a good teaching experience which will be a big advantage in your research to find work around the world. You can become a SSI or Molchanov Freediving Instructor. The Freediving Internship is perfect if you have a strong passion for the sport but limitation in budget. You will only have to pay your accommodation, food and visas.


12 days Price: 2600Eur (92000thb appx)

Becoming a Trainer is a very big step in the Freediving education. You will be to teach SSI Freediving Instructor course. Teaching new freediving instructors is an amazing achievement, your students will officially become professional freedivers and start to generate incomes doing their passion. You need to be an experience instructor to apply for this course (100 certified students minimum). This is one of the most rewarding and most challenging experiences an Instructor can perform. The Instructor Trainer Seminar is an international event where you will meet instructors from all over the world. You will experience intensive training and evaluations. This is the last step before opening your own Freediving school. This course is very intense so we recommend to plan at least 1 month in advance to do all the home studies. You will learn to evaluate freediving academic presentations, open water and pool teaching. Along with all SSI Freediving standards to make sure all your students respect the rules of Freediving teaching. You must be in good diving shape because all previous Instructors skills will be redone. Your duty will be to create new SSI professional instructors with good swimming technique, strong diving performances, serious ethic and the ability to speak clearly in public. If you really want to make a career with this sport, this program is soon or later mandatory.