Duration of the course: 3-4 days. Price: Daily charge 4000thb/day (100Euros appx) + SSI Fee

Prerequisites: First Aid/CPR and O2 Provider certificate, medical certificate signed by a doctor, 18 years of age, be a certified instructor for another agency.


Only for certified freediving instructors from other agencies

Are you already a certified freediving instructor (Aida, PADI, Apnea Academy, or others) and want to crossover to SSI? During this crossover you will receive an overview about SSI and learn the SSI Freediving system. You will go through a series of academic, pool and open water examinations to assess your ability as an instructor according to the SSI system and you will have to show your trainer your ability as an instructor by performing certain skills.

Performance requirements (same as Level 2 Instructor):

  • Perform a swim of 800m using mask, snorkel and fins within 15 min
  • Perform a swim of 400m (No Fins – buoyancy device or snorkel) within 10 min
  • Tread water for 15 minutes
  • Freedive to minimum 40m depth competently/on demand
  • Freedive to 20m and hang for an unknown time then rescue another Freediver from simulated blackout (BO) from that depth
  • Endurance test –5 dives to 20m with 1 min surface interval between dives
  • Shallow Water Blackout (SWB) rescue from 20m and demonstrate a 50m tow
  • Perform pool disciplines Dynamic (DYN) with BIFINS – minimum 85m
  • Perform pool disciplines DYN w/o fins – minimum 50m
  • Perform a Static breath-hold minimum of 4:00mins
  • Demonstrate Blackout (BO)/Loss of Motor Control (LMC) rescue skills
  • Demonstrate proper rope/buoy/lanyard rigging for an open water freediving session.

Successful Candidates / Instructors who pass the SSI Level 2 FITC will be Eligible to start teaching the SSI Basic, Pool, Level 1, Level 2, Training Techniques and Free Immersion Freediving program.
If a candidate passes the entire L2 FITC, but has not achieved the performance requirements, they may be eligible to attain Level 1 instructor status.