Step 1: Theory + Pool Training

All our Freediving theory sessions are online in English +Thai subtitles. You can start your education right now and on your own time! Videos are made by Florian, one of the top freediver in the world. After your studies, you are ready for your pool training. Your instructor will check your theory knowledge and you will pass a little exam. Get ready to learn new freediving techniques to dive more comfortably, safer, longer and deeper.

Some of the interesting things you will learn:

  • Physiology, breathing and mammalian reflex
  • Equalization, lungs measurements and stretching
  • Effect of pressure on lungs, chest, ears and sinus
  • Safety skills, buddy systems and rescuing
  • Warm ups, preparation, fitness and training
  • Equipment set ups and maintenance
  • Mental technique for deeper relaxation
  • Streamline and glides to swim efficiently
  • Intro to no-fin and monofin
  • Free-Falling and more…

You will be certified Lap 2 after finishing the necessary skills.

Step 2: Depth Training

You start with shallow dives and try to reach deeper levels of relaxation and better technique. The main skill you will practice is freefall. Freefall is basically sinking down without getting propulsion from the fins. It happens when your body compress with pressure and lose positive buoyancy. Your instructor will freedive right at front of you to correct your position. Freefall is a very enjoyable sensation, you are about to take a fun adventure.

Some of the interesting things you will learn:

  • Equalization frenzel technique
  • Neutral buoyancy adjustment
  • Free-Falling and position correction
  • Buddy system, rescue, towing
  • Streamlining and back kicking
  • Advanced duck dives and turns
  • Freediving speed management
  • Mental adaptation for depth
  • Skills: Muscle cramps, mask leaks, 1 fin ascent
  • No-fin and monofin training

You will be certified Wave 2 after completed the necessary skills.

6,000 thb (including boat fees)

Requirements to participate: 16 years old with parent approval + pass medical form we provide.  Requirements for certification: 2.30min STA, 50m DYNbi, rescue 15m, freedive to 24-30m, pass exam, clean technique, frenzel equalization, 15m CNF. Group discount (from 3 students): 11,000thb/person instead of 12,000thb/person. Course include freediving equipment, pool/boat fees, certifications, monofin try.