Step 1: Theory + Pool (private course)

If you can hold your breath for 2-3 minutes and freedive to 15-20 meters comfortably, it’s time to learn new skills. We will start with an online theory session, available in English, French, Russian and Thai languages. You will learn new freediving techniques such as visualization, mindfulness, freefall, deep equalization, swimming styles, warm up methods and more… After your online studies are complete, you will meet us at the pool for static and dynamic apnea training. The pool training start with some specific stretches to increase your lung size and relaxation for longer dives. When your chest is fully stretched, you will learn to hold your breath for 3-4 minutes in static apnea and swim 50 to 75 meters in dynamic apnea. While you improve your freediving performances, we will adjust your swimming technique and coach you for deeper relaxation. We also film your dives for you to see the mistakes and improve it. By the end of the day, you will be prepared to join us in the sea.

Some interesting things you will learn:

  • History of freediving from fishing to records
  • Physiology, breathing skills and mammalian reflex
  • Warm ups methods, fitness and training routine
  • Deep equalization and lungs measurements
  • Mental technique for deeper relaxation
  • Streamline and glides to swim efficiently
  • Effect of pressure on lungs, chest, ears and sinus
  • Safety skills, buddy systems and rescuing
  • Equipment set ups and maintenance
  • Intro to no-fin and monofin freediving
  • Free-Falling in fun dive and line training
Step 2: Ocean Training (private course)

You will start with shallow dives and try to reach deeper levels of relaxation and better technique. The main skill you will practice during this freediving course is freefall. After 15-20 meters, the body lose buoyancy and can sink deeper without any propulsion from the fins. Freedivers use the freefall technique to save oxygen and dive much deeper with minimum effort. It feels like flying underwater. Freefall is use on the line for deeper performances, on fun dives and spearfishing for longer time at the bottom. Exactly like in skydiving, there is a special position and adjustment skills to learn for a comfortable and efficient freefall. Using exhale dives or extra weights, you will learn to freefall from the surface to 15 meters. Once your freefall technique is good, we will use it from 20m to 30 meters. You will be surprise how easy 30m dives feel like using freefall. You will also learn different warm up methods and training routines to keep progressing after the course. The course end with a photoshoot.

Some interesting things you will learn:

  • Deep equalization with Frenzel
  • Dive preparation and relaxation
  • Freefall position and correction
  • Neutral buoyancy adjustments
  • Buddy systems, rescuing & towing
  • Streamlining and back kicking
  • Advanced duck dives and turns
  • Freediving speed management
  • Mental adaptation for depth
  • Muscle cramps, mask leaks, 1 fin ascent
  • No-fin and monofin freediving
Private Freediving Course: (1,2 or 3 students)
3 hours theory, 1 day pool, 4 days diving
35,000thb (1050$US)