Travelling to Koh Tao is easy, it will cost you between 25 to 100 euros depending on the type of transportation.


Option 1: Flight to Koh Samui and Boat to Koh Tao

Option 2: Flight to Chumphon and Boat to Koh Tao

Option 3: Flight to Surat Thani and Boat to Koh Tao

Option 4: Bus to Surat thani and Boat to Koh Tao

Option 5: Train to Chumphon and Boat to Koh Tao

Here is how to get to the ‘’turtle’’ Island:

Koh Tao’s History

The island was initially a prison. Later on it became a fisherman island where they could stop, rest and go back fishing more before returning to the main land. They also used the land for coconut agriculture. Most of those fisherman came from main land cities like Chumpon and Surat Thani. Few others came from Koh Samui and Koh Phangan. The first travelers arrived in 1977 and 10 years later the first resorts and diving centers. The philosophy was to make diving affordable for all travelers. Koh Tao quickly became famous around the world for its large amount of diving offers. Over the years the west coast on the island got modernized and the est coast stay almost untouched. Giving the island a good balance between comfort and adventure. Koh Tao has now between half million and two millions visitors per year


Koh Tao is well known around the world for his amount of dive centers. Did you know that almost 50% of all SSI and PADI divers around the world have done one or some courses on the island? Koh Tao also has an enormous amount of activities that makes it one of the best destination in the world too have a great holiday while learning how to dive. Climbing, boxing, flying trapeze, fishing trips, cliff jumping, crossfit and gym, hiking, yoga, wakeboarding and more… We recommend you to spend at least a week to enjoy this little paradise.