Master + SSI Level 3 Package

33000 THB (appx $940USD) ssilogofreedivingrgbwhite

Duration: 3-5 weeks (9am to 4pm)
Max depth: 50 meters appx
Up to 6 min static breath hold
Include: Pictures, Equipment, SSI Certification

This Freediving program is the pinnacle of training program. We have the best place in Thailand to offer this type of intense freediving training. This master course incorporates the SSI level 3 Deep course and provides you with the necessary skills needed to dive deep safely. By giving yourself this time to train your body and mind will be able to adapt and greater depth will come easily.

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Reverse Packing / Packing

Coaching classes

Competition Breath Up: Static Apnea 

Dynamics Apnea with/without fins (DYN/DNF)

Freediving Fitness:hiking,swimming,apnea walking

Stretching sessions: body, full lung, empty lung

Free Immersion and Constant Weight ( Fin/ Nofin/Monofin )

1000thb SPE: Sled diving VWT, No-Limit, Pure O2

Fun dives and Freediving trips

Exhales dives / FRC / Mouthfill Workshop

Yoga Class 


TOTAL VALUE= 38 000thb ($1100USD)  

SSI Level 3 + Master PACKAGE= 33 000thb ($940USD)