Single Plan + 1 Follow up: 100usd         1 Month Coaching: 250usd

This training option is for people who cannot travel to our school and want to learn Freediving. Or for Blue Immersion students who wants guidance to keep progressing before their next Freediving trip. We welcome beginners to professionals. On the first call, Florian will assess your current performances then provide a training schedule, dry exercises, stretching, pool drills, fitness workouts and diet needed to reach your goals. “Freediving is a very young sport and learning it can be often confusing due to the big amount of incorrect information found online. The fastest, safest and greatest way to learn Freediving is simply to find a coach with much higher performances and knowledge than you. Your weak points will be found rapidly, you won’t waste your time with useless exercises and more importantly you will avoid the common mistakes that most Freediver go through. I follow my own advice and get my training from the best of the best” Florian Dagoury-Houas

My perfomances: 9.01min Static, 200m Dynamic, 90m CWT FIM, 60m CNF

The single training plan start with a small call to chat about your current performances, training techniques, knowledge and future goals. The next day you will have a second call where Florian will explain you how to reach your objectives. We will cover some theory, safety measures, description of all exercises, progression plan, fitness, dieting and more…This will vary depending on the individual needs. We recommend this option for Freedivers who does not have any serious blocks on their performances and simply want a good guidance to train the right way.

The monthly option include as many calls as you need. The training program will be adjusted through out the month to maximize your results. This option is perfect for Freedivers who wants to have constant assistance during their training and for Freedivers who are stuck with difficult problems such as equalization, urge to breath, mental blocks.

Reviews From Students On Florian’s Online Coaching

Nejc Likar

After few years of getting stuck in my progress, finally I start progressing after taking a coaching from Florian. And the progress was fast! I surprised even myself with some big static times after just two weeks of coaching.
The coaching itself and Flo support is very good, responsive and on a very high level. He provides you with complete training program, including exercises, streching, breathing techniques,.. etc..Which are all necessary to overcome the barriers that are stopping your progress.
I will definitely continue with his coaching and recommend it to everyone.

Thanks Flo!


I took the single training plan with Florian to start with. The first day we had a first messenger call about my level, objectives ans blockages. Then next day despite he was participating (and won) a static competition we had our second call after the competition. Regarding the timing, I thought it would be good but since he had to perform AND prepare a training plan and answer to all my questions, I wasn’t expecting such high quality of coaching on those conditions. I have to say it was one of the best investment I did for my progression. He prepared a detailed month training plan, answered all of my previous call questions and went far beyond anything I could expect from an online coaching experience. With what he taught me on one online session and with his training plan, I am confident I’ll probably get over 6min30 static breath hold within the next month. Very good experience of online coaching (and I usually like to see my teachers in real life). Last point to mention, I speak English relatively good since I live abroad for many years, but being able to speak my mother tongue (French) with him made me understood some things some other coaches tried to explain to me before, so if you speak french it will help you (and if not, his English is way better than mine!)

Chih-Lin Yeh

Flo designed a training program for me depends on my condition and my goal. The training includes different exercises and was explained and showed in detail. It helps me build up my ability and confidence in free diving. Along with the program, he also help me find my weak points and we work on them. Flo really care about my training and happy to see my progress.

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