12500thb (340 Euros appx) 


Beginner + Advanced course + 2 days training


The perfect training program to become a great Freediver in a week. During this program, you will do the beginner and advanced courses plus two free training to practice techniques, hold your breath longer and Freedive deeper. You will learn all relaxation, stretching, swimming techniques and safety skills to Freedive and explore the ocean. The aim of this package is to make you 100% independent. You will be a good freediver who can explore the ocean on its own. The prettiest dive sites around the world are 10-30m deep, by the end of your freediving training you will be able to Freedive to 25-30meters and hold your breath for approximately 4 minutes.



15 DAYS. 20000thb (510Euros appx)

An intense training package. We recommend being a strong Beginner freediver to take this program. You should not have any issues with equalisation and Freedive to 15-20 meters comfortably before the Apnea Combo23. During this program, you will do the advanced course plus 5 Free training to practice techniques, hold your breath longer, freedive deeper and prepare for the deep freediving course. During your advanced you will learn to freedive to 25-30m using the Freefall technique. This technique allow you to go deeper with minimum effort, extending considerably the amount of time you can spend at depth. This technique is very useful for deep dives and to extend bottom time in Spearfishing. During your deep course, you will learn all the tricks to freedive safely below the residual volume of your lungs. Exhale dives using a new equalisation technique called Mouthfill. This technique will make you reach new heights in the sport. At the end of this program, you should be able to hold your breath for 4+ minutes and freedive between 30-40meters.



33 000thb (900 Euros appx) 

Beginner + Advanced + Deep Course + Unlimited training for a month

Ideal for people who really want to focus on the sport during an entire month. During this program, you will do the beginner, advanced and deep course. Between courses, you will train as much as you want with our instructors. After a month of freediving at Blue Immersion, you will be able to hold your breath for 5+ minutes and dive to 35-40metrers. After being certified you can do a Master course if you wish to become even stronger in freediving or an Instructor course if you wish to teach Freediving somewhere in the future.



2/3 Months – 76000thb (2080 Euros appx)

Are you tired of your daily routine and need a change in your life? Do you want a change in your career and dream to become a professional freediving instructor, but you have no experience? This is the program for you! We will bring you from being a beginner to being first a competent freediver and then a certified instructor. This package include the beginner, advanced, deep, master, Instructor and First Aid/Oxygen courses plus unlimited training for 90 days. We will give you part time work to gain experience and help you in your job research. Freediving Instructors work all around the world as the activity is growing extremely fast. We opened a school in Tansania, Egypt, Spain, Thailand and Norway where we hire our new instructors certified from the Zero to Hero program. Lots of our former students are now working full time with us. Since 2010 Blue Immersion have certified over 300 freediving instructors through this program.


20000thb to 33000thb (410 to 900 Euros appx)

Option1: 20000thb Deep Course + 15 days Master Course

Option2: 33000thb Deep Course + 30 days Master Course

The Master course is a training program to prepare you for the Instructor course and for high freediving performances. During these weeks, you will be able to train every day. Our experienced master instructor will be training with you every day. Your trainer will make sure your progress as much as you want to and give you guidelines for your future training depending on the targets you want to achieve. If you wish to become an instructor, you will also assist our Freediving instructors during their courses to gain experience. By the end of this training program, you will be able to hold your breath for 5+minutes and Freedive to 35-50meters. You will know how to create your own training program, how to set up freediving lines, how to do safety for other freedivers and more … Since 2010 Blue Immersion have trained over 800 master students.