Sled Specialty | No Limit and Variable Weight Freediving Course

4000thb (appx 110USD)

Duration: 2 Days (1 Day Course + 1 Training Day)
Includes: Lunch, Pictures, Equipment
Requirements: SSI Level 1 or equivalent
Special Price for Masters: 1000thb

In No limit the freediver descends with the help of a ballast weight and ascends via a method of his choice. No limits is the deepest depth discipline.  The athlete descends with a sled and ascends with a balloon, a diving suit ,or a vest with inflatable compartments, or whatever other means. In Variable weight the freediver descends with the help of a ballast weight and ascends using his own power: arms and/or legs, either by pulling or not pulling on the rope. Variable weight is one of the two depth disciplines which employ the use of a sled to descend in the water.  With old-style sleds, the athlete descended  “head first” as seen in Luc Besson’s famous movie “Le Grand Bleu”, but new generation sleds are “feet first” which allows for easier equalization for the athlete.



Blue Immersion sled diving course is a lot of Fun ! no breaking record. The sled speed is ajusted to the experience of each freediver. As well as being extreme freediving disciplines, variable weight and No Limit can also be a great way to explore underwater, giving the freediver an easy descent and more time on the bottom, even at considerable depths:

This course include:

  • – 1 theory session
  • – 1 equalization training
  • – 2 open water session

The main challenges for variable weight and no limit freediving are breath-hold, equalisation and pressure. Slep dives can take the freediver well below his maximum depth, where finding air to equalise the ears can be a big problem. Because of the extra weight, the descent can also be very fast, meaning that good equalisation technique is essential. The diver must ensure that they have enough oxygen remaining in the lungs and blood to make their own way back to the surface. Your instructor will start demonstrating our Blue Immersion Freediving Sled with very light weights for minimum speed and maximum safety. When we are sure that you have no problem equalising we will add weights for a faster descent. The key to freediving is learning how to relax underwater. Variable weight and No-limit dives will allow you to focus on your freediving relaxation and equalization techniques too the maximum instead of kicking, streamlining etc …While Freediving with a sled, the exploration of the underwater world comes the inner exploration of sensations and personal limits. You will enjoy the sensation of your heart slowing down as the diving reflex takes hold and simply enjoy the freediving performance as a challenge.