1 DAY, 4000thb (120 Euros appx)

Equalization is one of the biggest obstacles in freediving: inefficient equalization can cause frustration and injuries to all freedivers. If you are limited around 30-40m with Frenzel, this freediving speciality is made for you. You will start with some theory to understand why this technique is so important. Next you will learn to control your soft palate and epiglottis with different balloon exercises. It will allow you to gain more control. You will then practice mouthfill dry on exhale until it gets comfortable enough to use it while freediving. During your open water training you will dive using mouthfill from the surface at first. When your skills are good enough, you will try your first freedive with mouthfill and the previous depth limitation you had will be gone.


1 DAY, 4000thb (120Euros appx)


Swimming with a monofin is a great experience, it makes a freediver faster, more efficient, and graceful like a dolphin…if you know how to use it properly! This course is for freedivers who want to move ahead and learn how to use this beautiful tool in the pool and ocean. Going deeper is not easy but using a monofin will give you a good boost. We will start this speciality with some theory to help you understand why monofining use less oxygen than regular flutter kicks. You will also watch few videos of Freedivers and understand how each movement should be done. You will learn the stretching and strength exercises to develop mobility and power necessary for a good monofin technique. We will practice in the pool first then in open water.


1 DAY, 8000thb (240 Euros appx)

Going deeper in Freediving is not easy forever. After the 30m your lungs will be reduce to their residual volume and equalisation become difficult. The dives below RV start to become long in time and your confidence will start to fail. The solution is to cheat using a sled! The descent will be so easy that your only focus will be equalisation. This is perfect to improve your Frenzel and Mouthfill techniques. You will gain lots of experience and relaxation because your body will reach greater depth easier. The weight of the sled is adjustable so that you can start with slow descents at first. It is also the most fun discipline of Freediving


1 DAY POOL ONLY, 4000thb (120 Euros appx)


Freediving with no fins is the most physically demanding disciplines. Often described as the purest form of freediving, it requires the freediver to descend and ascend along the dive-line without using fins, without using the rope. It is also the hardest depth discipline because it requires a high rate of work and a long dive-time. No fins Freediving require a lot of stretching on the join mobility, a strong co2 tolerance to avoid strong urge to breath and lots of swimming in the pool to increase technique and lactic endurance. For many, however, it’s also the most fun discipline because it allows for complete freedom in the water. Your course will start with some theory, videos and pool training. Following by lots of practice in the open water.


1 DAY, 4000thb (120Euros appx)

Static Apnea is the most mentally difficult freediving discipline. Simply because you can give up at any moment of the dive. This is why you need to learn mental tricks as well as coaching skills. Static Apnea is also a discipline that lots of Freediver hate ! Simply because the urge to breath is big and last for a extended period of time. This is simply because of a unadapted breath up before the dive. A classic deep dive breathing preparation for static will result in too much CO2 in the blood and a very unpleasant static breath hold. During the course you will learn how to breath properly to have a much longer static breath hold with as less discomfort as possible. If you are a beginner you will achieve 4-5 minutes in a day. If you are currently at 5min+ you will achieve 1-2minutes extra within the same month of your training.