2 days: 8.30am to 4/5pm  6000thb (175Eur appx) Includes:
The home study: Smart phone manual & equalisation tutorial to start learning today!
Molchanov Base 1 – Online program to keep training after the course
The International certification Molchanovs
The Lunch (Vegetarian/Vegan available)
The digital pictures of your training
The Freediving Equipment
Your future Performances: 2 to 3 minutes static breath-hold & 10 to 20 meters dives

During this training, you will learn the skills that will allow you to Freedive comfortably from 10 to 20 meters. The goal is to make you a snorkeling expert who can explore the oceans with only a mask and a pair of fins. We will teach the Art of relaxation and you will be surprise how easy it is to hold your breath. Freediving can be learned by everybody. You will start with some theory to understand the science behind the Freediving techniques. Followed by static breath hold to unlock your full relaxation potential. You will practice swimming small distances in our swimming pool to get confident with the horizontal distance you can cover without breathing. We will improve your swimming skills during that part as well. Then it will be time to check the results of this preparation out in the sea. You will start going up and down a line, few meters deeper on each try. Once you can reach 10 to 20 meters we will take you Freediving on top of reef and start exploring.


3 days: 9am to 4/5pm 7000thb (205 Euros appx) Includes: 
The home study – Smart phone manual & equalisation tutorial to start learning today!
Molchanov Base 2 – Online program to keep training after the course
The Freediving International certification Molchanovs
The Digital pictures of your training
The Freediving Equipment
Your future Performances3 to 4 minutes static breath-hold & 20 to 30 meters dives 

During this training, you will learn advanced techniques to use less oxygen during your dives. Your relaxation will grow to the next level and you will easily Freedive deeper. One of this technique is about equalization. The other one is called Freefall and it is the greatest sensation of lots of Freedivers. Get ready to fall in love with Freediving. After 20 meters, our body becomes heavier and we do not need to swim any longer. The diver slowly sink without any effort if the body position is correct. It feels like flying underwater. We will also work on advanced swimming and relaxation techniques in the swimming pool to develop your breath hold and efficiency underwater. You will learn how to train your endurance to hypoxia, tolerance to carbon dioxide and how to develop your lung capacity. With training, Freedivers can increase the flexibility of their rib cage and diaphragm to double the size of their lungs. It is very healthy and it increases performances for sports in general.


4 days: 9am to 4/5pm 13500thb (400 Euros appx) Includes: 
The home study – Smart phone manual & equalisation tutorial to start learning today!
Molchanov Base 3 – Online program to keep training after the course
The Freediving International certification Molchanovs
The Digital pictures of your training
The Freediving Equipment
Your future Performances: 4 to 5 minutes static breath hold – 30 to 40 meters dives

This training is about Freediving safely and comfortably below the residual volume of the lungs. It is very difficult and not safe to use Frenzel equalization below 30 meters unless you have few years of experience. You will learn the most advanced equalization technique called Mouthfill. The deep course will introduce you to professional skills such as packing, a larynx and mouth maneuver to inhale or exhale more air in order to increase or decrease the size of your lungs. To dive deeper you will use a new mental technique call ‘’deconcentration’’. Freedivers have the ability to shut down senses like sight, hearing, and touch. When senses are numbed, the mind has less distractions and Freediving deeper becomes possible. You will also start coaching, doing safety for other Freedivers and learn the right diet for this sport.


15 days: 9am to 4/5pm – 15000thb (445 Euros appx)
30 days: 9am to 4/5pm – 25000thb (745 Euros appx)
30 days: 9am to 4/5pm – 33000thb Package Master +  Wave 3 (980 Euros appx)
Includes: The home study – Manual to start learning today!
Molchanov Base 4 – Online program to keep training after the course
The Digital pictures of your training
The access to Blue Private Gym
The Freediving Equipment
Instructor diving with you almost every day
Your future performances : 5 to 6 minutes static breath hold – 40 to 50 meters dives

This course is to prepare you for the Instructor course and for high Freediving performances. During these 2 to 4 weeks, you will train almost every day with instructors. The training start with a meeting with your coach to agree on your future achievements. Some students want to focus their training for depth, others want a bigger breath hold for spearfishing or photography etc…Each master decide on what he/she wants to focus on during the training. The instructors will go through 10 theory chapters, stretching routines, pool disciplines, depth disciplines and gym training. The course end with a meeting to set up a training schedule to keep progressing. It will be custom to your needs and to your access to pools and open water back home.


7 to 10 days: 9am to 4/5pm – 42800thb (1274 Euros appx)
Option 1 : SSI Level 1 student to SSI Pool Freediving instructor
Option 2 : SSI Level 2 student to SSI Level 1 Freediving instructor
Option 3 : SSI Level 3 student to SSI Level 2 Freediving instructor
Includes: Online manual: start your training today
First Aid & O2 courses,5 training days,Gym access,All SSI Fee

As a Freediving instructor you can make a real career by the sea. You can also work in the cities and teach Freediving in swimming pools. The sport is becoming more popular every year, there is lots of job opportunities around the world. ‘’We live in a society that push a lot of pressure on us. We worked hard in crowded environment, spend our money mostly on things we don’t need and dream about seeing the world but always find excuse not to. I never been happier in life since I became a Freediving instructor. I love this sport, it’s been aready 7 years that I teach and train almost every day. My training brings me joy, I zone out of this world and all the little things that botther me stop existing for few intense relaxing minutes. Making a living off my favorite hobby is why I feel so lucky in life. I wake everyday to go play around in the water, it doesn’t feel like work at all. I get to see people happy, surprised and proud of their new bizzard mammals talents. It’s very rewarding.’’ Florian Dagoury-Houas


1 day: 4000thb (120 Euros appx) Includes:
  • Online manual – start your training today
  • Access to Blue Immersion private gym

Freediving specialties are design to learn advanced techniques on one particular discipline.We run 5 specialties: Static Apnea, Monofin, No-fins, Equalization and Sled. You will start with an hour of theory and video analysis then move to the swimming pool to test your new techniques. Pool training is mandatory in Freediving. It allows Freedivers to perfect skills through repetition and build up confidence. After the pool, it is time for open water training. You will train your specialty on the line and focus on technique with shallow dives at first. After improving your skills, you can try improving your Freediving personal best.


Price: 1200thb (35eur appx)

Freediving in Koh Tao is fantastic, the water is around 29C all year and there is lots of dive sites. You can Freedive wrecks, swim through tunnels, take pictures with underwater statues, enjoy colorful reefs and more. Fun dives is a very important part of Freediving for two reasons: Fun dives boost mental strength of the Freediver. This is where you realize how much progress you have done: technique, breath hold, equalization and comfort at the bottom. The mind is busy looking at the underwater landscape so the Freediver unlock some potential often hidden from mental block we get on the line training. Fun dives increase the physical adaptation of the Freediver. To observe fishes and reefs the Freediver need to arrive at the bottom with a low heart rate and some reserve of oxygen to hang and watch. Swimming techniques and breath hold automatically improve the more dives you will do during the session.