Flo grew up in a little town near Paris. He had a hard time finding his place in modern society. Meeting new people, socialising, studying and having a 9 to 5 job was a big challenge for him. He worked as an optometrist in France and Australia. During a holiday in Thailand, Flo fell in love with life by the sea and understood that crowded city was making him unhappy. Flo quickly became a real diving addict. He is now a Scuba diving instructor, a Tec diver and Freediving instructor trainer. He show a little interest in Freediving competitions where he is known as an up and coming star. Flo is now one of the rare athlete who can hold his breath for 9 minutes and Freedive to 90 meters deep. Florian’s coaching skills are highly spoken off by his students. He always find out what Freedivers must do to improve their performances. He is also excellent at fixing equalisation issues and mental blocks. Florian is a SSI and Molchanov Instructor trainer at Blue Immersion. He helps students during their master courses, teach the instructor courses, make sure that all our instructors stay in top Freediving shape and get the newest knowledge in physiology.



Nicolas grew up by the ocean in Brittany, France. With his father being a professional scuba diver and a spearfisherman, they spend hours sailing together. He always considered the ocean like home. He eventually decided to follow his own path up in the air, doing graduate studies in aerospace engineering and working as a maintenance and flight test engineer for 5 years. Having the travel bug, Nicolas lives out of France since 2009, settling down in Canada, Turkey and China. During his 4 years bicycle trip from Europe to Asia, he ended up on Koh Tao by chance and decided to give Freediving a try. He quickly got addicted to this sport, completed the Zero 2 Hero program at Blue Immersion and started to work as a freediving instructor. Holding his breath for 6 minutes and diving easily to 40 meters, Nicolas enjoys teaching beginners, always trying to help them overcome their fears and equalization issues by making them as comfortable and confident as possible. You will find lots of excellent reviews about him on our Tripadvisor. Nicolas is very patient, teach courses with extreme professionalism and his students learn freediving with ease in a friendly atmosphere.



Nico Bleeker is an SSI Instructor Trainer. He grew up in South Africa, where his love for the ocean started. In 2011 he came to Koh Tao to start his scuba diving career. Soon after he was certified as a scuba instructor he found our freediving center and decided to treat himself with a few courses. This is when all his plans changed. He became a freediving instructor and has been a part of the team even since. He was working at Blue Immersion even before the current owner Flo! Blue Immersion is a big part of his life. He cares a lot about the school and always give us honest opinion on everything we do. During all this time, he got extensive experience in teaching all Freediving courses and managed the school for some time. He is a patient and not a goal-oriented teacher, focusing mainly on the individual needs of each of his students more than the numbers achieved. Nico is an excellent spearfisherman and teach students to increase their bottom time. This is a great skill to learn if you want to get into photography, videography or simply become a coral and fish stalker. Nico can dive to 50 meters and most of his dives last 3 to 4 minutes. He is running the instructor courses, level 3 and training sessions. You can be sure you will be well taken care off!



Scott grew up in South Africa on the east coast and spent most of his younger years in the water, competitive swimming for his school and surfing with his buddies on the weekends. His family relocated to England at the age of 13 so his life in the water have been put on hold. He became a successful self-employed engineer but his passion for the water eventually returned to send him on a new path. Scott joined the zero to hero program at blue immersion and fell in love with freediving. 2 years later he quit his job and moved to Koh Tao to follow his new passion. He has been teaching for few years and everyday he falls deeper and deeper into the addictive art of freediving. Scott has a giant experience in teaching beginner Freedivers. His courses run calmly, he takes time to make sure all students feel very confident and trust themselves. Extremely organised, he adapt the schedule depending on student needs. Over the years, Scott has certified over 150 beginners.



Nat grew up in the South of Thailand and moved to Bangkok for university where she realised it was not her place. She came to Koh Tao in 2011 for the first time to do her scuba diving course, fell in love with the island, and kept coming back every year. She moved to Koh tao in 2018 after spending a year in Sydney and this is when she discovered a new passion for freediving. She completed our Internship and is now a Freediving instructor at Blue Immersion. Nat is very professional, her students learn the sport very well while smiling the whole day. She run courses in English, Thai and speak a little Chinese too. Nat is very smart girl who brings a great vibe at Blue Immersion. She is always up for funny breath hold challenges or hanging out with students and dive crew after work.



Thomas is our Manager and Instructor Level 3. He used to be a Hardware Design Engineer in London, designing and verifying microprocessors. After three years working behind a desk, he decided it was time to change, and started traveling South East Asia. He discovered freediving and quickly fell in love with the sport. When he reached Koh Tao, he went through his divemaster course in scuba, and his Freediving Zero To Hero package at the same time, spending every day in the water. After working full time for a few months, Flo decided to entrust him with the management of the school. Since September 2018, he’s managing Blue Immersion and is making sure every customer leaves with a smile on their face. He’s teaching all kind of courses, and you will always see him around the school.. Thomas has a breath hold of 6.42 minutes and he wishes to reach 7 min shortly. He is also able to dive to 50 meters.



Nat is the director in Blue Immersion. She was born in Chumphon, Thailand. I been study electronic. In 2002 she came to Koh Tao for the first time and fell in love with this island. After 16 years she is still very happy to be here. “I start working in blue immersion in 2012 and it is a good experience because I found very nice and professional people to work with”. Nat duty is to make sure that Blue Immersion is 100% legal. She organises all the work permits and visas for the instructors. She deals with Thai taxes declarations, renew all our licences and insurances. All our students at Blue Immersion are insured during their training and all our professional freedivers are legally working in Thailand. You will see her often around the school with tons of paperwork. She is always smiling and making jokes.



Naing comes from Dawei, Myanmar. He arrived in Thailand in 2014 where he started as a construction worker before being part of the Blue Immersion family in 2016. The school wouldn’t be running so smoothly without him. Besides being our boat captain and handyman, he’s also the kindest person of the team always offering his help to instructors or students when needed in order to ease their work or make their stay at the school unforgettable. During his free time, Naing likes practicing freediving especially with no fins diving to nearly 20m. Back on land, he likes meditation and spending time with his family.