Flo is one of the rare athlete who can hold his breath for over 10 minutes and Freedive to 90 meters deep. He is by far the most experienced Freediver in Thailand with over 1000 students certified on his own. Florian is training all the instructors at Blue Immersion and keep them updated on new freediving knowledges, pedagogy and diving skills. He is also teaching all instructor and crossover courses. Flo grew up in a little town near Paris. He had a hard time finding his place in modern society. Meeting new people, socialising, studying and having a 9 to 5 job was a big challenge for him. He worked as an optometrist in France and Australia. During a holiday in Thailand, Flo fell in love with life by the sea and understood that crowded city was making him unhappy. Flo quickly became a real diving addict. He is now a Scuba diver, Technical diver and Freediving instructor. He show a little interest in Freediving competitions where he is known as an up and coming star. Florian’s coaching skills are highly spoken off by his students. He always find out what Freedivers must do to improve their performances. He is also excellent at fixing equalisation issues and mental blocks. Florian is a Molchanov and SSI Instructor trainer. You will see him training in the swimming pool pretty much every morning.



Tony is from Canada. He can hold his breath for over 6 minutes and freedive to 45 meters. Tony is very professional, teach the freediving theory very well and has lots of patience with students. You can see him mentionned on many Tripadvisor reviews. He is teaching Beginner and Advanced Freediving courses. Tony is also an accomplished underwater photographer and has already spent many years diving in Asia. He knows almost as much about Thailand water than underwater cameras. He also run photography course if you wish to learn the art of underwater photography. Last year he completed our Zero to Hero program and we hired him right after. A very wise decision. He knows very well the dive sites in Koh Tao and can take you to perfect places to take photos. He started his underwater career with photography while scuba diving and has now joined the Freediving World. You can see his photography work on Instagram @tones.of.blue. Tony will be working at Blue Immersion until end of the year 2020.  We are very happy to have him at Blue Immersion.



Charles is a very experienced Freediver. He have taught over a 1000 students already and keep enjoying every course. Charles can freedive to 53m deep and can hold his breath over 7 minutes. He is currently training to break the South African record. Charles grew up in a small town near Johannesburg in South Africa, he has always had a passion for water as a swimmer in school and holidays to the coast and lake. After completing a scuba course in 2009 he got the chance to try spearfishing but ended up looking more at fish while breathholding rather than shooting them. Coming to Koh Tao in 2013 to become a scuba instructor he came across Blue immersion where he quickly did his first courses to become comfortable at 30m depth. After working as a scuba instructor a few years and freediving as a hobby, he finally came back to Blue Immersion in 2016 to become a freediving instructor. Since then he has been teaching freediving and now teaches the Wave 3 deep course and Master Course for students to progress in their freedive journey and to prepare for their instructor course. Charles will help you reach all your freedive goals as many previous masters can testify on trip advisor. Charles is diving almost every day with his students and provide the best Master course in Thailand without a doubt. Standing at almost 2 meters tall, he might the tallest Freediver you will ever meet. You can find him with our master students almost every day or at the office for welcoming.



Olga grew up in Russia. She speaks English, Russian and German. She started Freediving in Thailand with Blue Immersion and showed serious talents from the start. Olga can now hold her breath for 6.30 minutes and freedive to 50m deep. She participated in a Static Apnea competition in 2019 and got the second best performance of Russia in the discipline this year. This is also the 4th best breath hold ever done for AIDA Russian competitions. She is also well trained in the dynamic apnea disciplines with 100+ meters dives using fins or without. She is now training and teaching beginner and advanced courses. She smiles a lot, take very good care of her students and her courses are well organised. Olga will work at Blue Immersion until end of the year 2020, may be even longer. You will meet her in the water or behind the desk for welcoming.



Naing comes from Dawei, Myanmar. He arrived in Thailand in 2014 where he started as a construction worker before being part of the Blue Immersion family in 2016. The school wouldn’t be running so smoothly without him. Besides being our boat captain and handyman, he’s also the kindest person of the team always offering his help to instructors or students when needed in order to ease their work or make their stay at the school unforgettable. You will see him every morning opening the school and helping students choosing the right Freediving gear for their courses. He is also in charge of the shop maintenance. During his free time, Naing likes practicing Freediving especially with no fins diving to nearly 20m. That probably makes him the only and deepest Freediver from Myanmar. Back on land, he likes meditation and spending time with his family.



Nat is the director in Blue Immersion. She was born in Chumphon, Thailand. I been study electronic. In 2002 she came to Koh Tao for the first time and fell in love with this island. After 16 years she is still very happy to be here. “I start working in blue immersion in 2012 and it is a good experience because I found very nice and professional people to work with”. Nat duty is to make sure that Blue Immersion is 100% legal. She organises all the work permits and visas for the instructors. She deals with Thai taxes declarations, renew all our licences and insurances. All our students at Blue Immersion are insured during their training and all our professional freedivers are legally working in Thailand. You will see her often around the school with tons of paperwork. She is always smiling and making jokes.