Training session: 1200thb (35 Euros)

1.5h to 2hours Depth training with coaching

Packages: 5 sessions = 5000thb

Freediving takes a lot time and effort. Learning new skills and techniques is not enough to go deeper or hold your breath longer. Practice is the key to good freediving performances. The more you train, the more repetition you do, the less you need to focus on what you doing. This will allow your body and mind to save lots of oxygen, unlocking your full potential. A good example would be ‘’driving home’’. It is like the car drive itself to our home, we have random thoughts about our daily lives and do not use any energy. Deep Freediving require the athlete to be on Autopilot. We recommend you to train after each Freediving course. During training sessions, you are not limited in depth.

Freediving Trips: 1200thb

Fun dives is a very important part of freediving training for two reasons:Fun dives boost mental strength of the Freediver. This is where you realise how much progress you have done: technique, breath hold, equalisation and comfort at the bottom. The mind is busy looking at the underwater landscape so the freediver unlock some potential often hidden from mental block we get on the line training. Fun dives increase the physical adaptation of the Freediver. To observe fishes and reefs you need to arrive at the bottom with a low heart rate and some reserve of oxygen to hang and watch. Swimming techniques and breath hold automatically improve the more dives you will do during the session.


Koh Tao’s shipwreck the HTMS Sattakut has become one of the most popular dive site. You will need to be a comfortable 20m Freediver to enjoy that site.

Wreck size:
Length: 48.m
Width: 7m

30th January 1944 – Construction commenced at The Commercial Iron Works, Portland, USA
27th February 1944 – Ship Launched
6th March 1944 – Commissioned by The US Navy to participate in the World War II

19th February to 3rd March 1945
Iwo Jima Operation: Assault and occupation of Iwo Jima, Japan

March to 14th June 1945
Okinawa Gunto Operation: Assault and occupation of Okinawa Gunto, Japan, 26th

1947 – Commissioned into the Royal Thai Navy as HTMS Sattakut

Sinked the 18th June 2011.


With a maximum depth of around 15m, this dive site is perfect for all Beginner and Advanced Freedivers. You will experience the adrenaline of swimming through small caves while holding your breath. The caves has multiple exits which allow freedivers to swim further on each dive without any risks. Freediving shallow caves such as those require a specific buoyancy, similar than spearfishing. You want to feel comfortable and do a slow swim through the cave so wearing few extra weights will help your dives.


Shark Island is one of the cool freedive spot of Koh Tao. It is several rock boulders covered by nice soft coral, gorgonians and sponges. There is a very nice swim-through too. Named for its likeness to a shark’s dorsal fin, Shark Island is a small uninhabited island situated around 300m off Koh Tao’s South coast . Blue spotted ribbontail rays are commonly sighted here. Black tip reef sharks can be seen swimming around the deeper side and if you are lucky the illusive leopard shark. This dive site combine brilliant corals, plenty of reef fish and also the chance to catch a sight of the big pelagics.


Twins is a popular dive site on the island. Perfect for Freedivers who want to take pictures next to underwater statues.  It is small, quite shallow, and offers a big selection of fish life and corals. You should also explore Buoyancy World, which is a group of sculptures and buoyancy aid for scuba divers. There is not many places like this in the world. Perfect for beginners, this dive site offers a large swathe of soft white sand.